Which Shoes to Wear with Autumn 2019’s Big Midi Trend

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Midi length is something that tends to come and go in fashion, and unlike mini or maxi, tends to be something some people find a bit hard to style due to its less conventional length and its wide variety of different cuts. Midi length really refers to anything that sits from below the knee to the bottom of the calf, and it can include just about any texture, from denim, leather, and suede to jersey, through to wool and even floaty tulle. It can also include everything from figure-hugging bodycon styles or fitted pencil skirt designs through to A-line skirts, wraparounds, and pleats.

With the trend encompassing so many different types of dress andskirt, often the hardest part is knowing what shoes to wear. There are no real rules to guide you based on how the shoes go with the length (unlike with things like maxi skirts, where you can usually safely assume it is best to wear flats). This is because different shoes can create very different effects (long boots, for instance, mean no leg will show and the tops of the boots will be hidden, which may be a look you want with a cozy wool skirt, but will look odd with a sexy jersey bodycon dress), so you may find these ideas helpful for styling your autumn midi looks.

Stretchy, Figure Hugging Midis

Whether they’re jersey, Lycra, or you’ve gone for a sporty athleisure style, the type of midi that clings to the body and shows the shape of the leg is a popular option for both casual and evening wear this season. This is one of the styles of midi where you can opt for glamorous heeled shoes such as stilettos for the evening, but for daytime, if you want a more streetwear style, this cut pairs well with some chic designer sneakers in a contrasting color to your skirt. Check out SSENSE to see the latest collections in sneakers by all of the top designer labels, includingsome stunning Gucci sneakers that will look great when worn this way. SSENSE stock Gucci’s sneaker range along with other gorgeous sneakers by high-fashion brands like Givenchy and Balenciaga.

Cozy Midis

Whether they are in wool or more unusual fabrics like tweed or plaid, there are plenty of midi skirts this fall that look like they were designed for walking around on cozy days, and this is something you can enhance by wearing them with cavalry boots or other boot styles that finish above the hem of the skirt. Go for natural textures like matte leather or suede, and earthy neutral colors.

Floaty Midis

If you like the pretty, elegant look of some of this season’s floaty, layered evening midi dresses and skirts, then you really want to carry over that ‘dainty’ feel to your shoes. Strappy sandals can be a good option if you want the extra height, but classic ballet pump designs can also work really well here, and if you add some detail or sparkle, it can make a great holiday look for parties later in the autumn season.

These are some ideas of how to fit your shoes to your skirts this autumn season if you want to start wearing the latest midi dresses and skirts!

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