Wedding Dress Styles: How To Make Sure Your Dress Is Completely You

How can a bride ever make their big dress decision? 

Most girls dream about their big day for as long as they can remember. 

Then when it comes around to it, it can end up being a lot more work than imagined. 

Choosing a dress turns out to be a mammoth task, with the huge amount and range of wedding dress styles out there today. 

The best thing to do is find (or create) a dress that makes you feel completely and utterly you. 

Whilst it’s important to get the opinions of your family and best friends, make sure to follow your gut and choose a dress that you look but most importantly feel amazing in. 

To avoid feeling completely overwhelmed when stepping foot into a dress shop, there is plenty of information available online about the different wedding dress styles. You can even identify your body shape and figure out which style would compliment your figure the best. 

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular wedding dress styles out there to help you make sure you end up with a dress that completely represents you. 


When looking at different wedding dress necklines, it is worth trying on styles that will compliment your shoulder width and bust. If you know that you have particularly broad shoulders you might want to go for a sweetheart neckline, to draw peoples’ eyes inwards. Whereas, if you have overly narrow shoulders you could make them appear stronger with a square neckline. 

Something to keep in mind with necklines is how much you want to accentuate your bust. There are options to go all out with plunging v-necklines or wedding dress styles like a strapless dress which don’t draw attention to your cleavage. It all depends on preference and which part of your body you want to show off! 

Quite often but less so recently, wedding dresses are passed down in family generations. These dresses, although truly special, can end up looking quite outdated in terms of their necklines and skirt style. But do not fret. The Alterations Boutique offer a huge range of London wedding dress alterations services, so if there is something big or small about an old dress that you would like changing, the option is always there. You could modernise the neckline, skirt style or do a complete wedding dress restyle to make it feel like a piece of you. 


 Depending on your body shape or just which parts of your body you like the best, you should think about the kind of silhouette that is worth trying on. Whether you have been hitting the gym hard running up to your big day or you are happy to show off your curves (as you should be), there are plenty of wedding dress styles to choose from. 

One foolproof style which looks flattering on most body shapes is the A-line, which gradually flares out from the shoulders down. This style, along with the sheath wedding dress styles, tends to be more understated but still beautiful. 

For those brides that want to feel exactly like a princess, a ball gown silhouette might be the option. Although this tends to compliment taller and wide-hipped brides better, if you have always dreamed of having a big and dramatic skirt on your wedding dress, why not give it a try? 

One of the wedding dress styles that offers a compromise between the understated silhouettes and the dramatic ball gown, is a fishtail or mermaid style. This type of dress is mostly figure-hugging so accentuates a tiny waist and hips, but flares out towards the bottom to add a bit of something special. 

Another style is the empire silhouette. This type of dress is tight around the bust but becomes flowy and loose from the bust downwards. This style is highly versatile as it can make petite brides appear taller and accentuate their otherwise small busts, but it can also disguise any unwanted curves around the tummy area. This would be a great choice for any pregnant brides out there, especially if you are still keeping it a secret!

If you’re a future bride-to-be, hopefully having a look at some of the options for wedding dress styles has put your mind at ease. However, don’t forget that you might not find your perfect dress, you might have to create it. Whether you have been handed down a lovely dress from a parent or grandparent that needs a modern twist or you have found a dress in a shop that needs tweaking, make the most of the amazing alterations services out there.

This is a collaborative guest post.

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