Finding the Right Workspace to Work for You

Working from home, it can be hard to motivate myself with all the distractions around me. It can be easy to put replying to emails off in favour of putting a load of washing on or taking a break to watch an episode of Friends which turns into three episodes and suddenly it’s lunch time.

I have found that having a dedicated space in the house to work from really helps to keep me on track and focused. I am fortunate that working from home allows me to be flexible with the hours I work, so I am still able to take time out for the school run but working in an office environment can make all the difference and prevent procrastination and distraction from the children and the television, especially when I work in the evening.

Finding the right workspace to work for you is really important. For some people, it is simply not possible to dedicate an entire room of the house to create a proper office. If you are looking for alternative workspaces, why not try one of these…

A Garden Room 

A garden room is the perfect space saving solution when it comes to a home office. Your garden room, available from Apple Home Improvements, can be created around a bespoke design based on your individual requirements, working with the space available in your garden. Garden rooms, unlike the traditional shed, provide a fully insulated and weatherproof space to work from away from the distractions inside the home. Plus it can be fully kitted out with everything you need to work in peace and quiet whilst being low maintenance and stylish.

A Conservatory 

If you can’t find a room to use for your office, why not consider adding one on and investing in a conservatory? Able to be fitted, with minimal hassle, much quicker than traditional additional building work, conservatories make use of the natural light surrounding your home to provide an area to work from. There are a whole host of design options when it comes to choosing the right conservatory for you, and you could even split the room to provide space for other members of the family as well to avoid arguments.

Under Stair Snug 

If you are looking for a space inside the home to transform, think outside the box and consider areas that are currently not being utilised such as under the stairs. Although unlikely to offer a huge amount of space, this area could be transformed into a mini office, kitted out with with laptop, noise cancelling headphones (to block out the sound of the dishwasher!) and a comfy chair or beanbags.

Window Seat 

Not got the space under the stairs? Why not get creative and create a window seat to work from? Benefitting from natural sunlight, this is often another neglected area of the house which could really work to your advantage if you don’t have a lot of space. Stock up on comfy cushions and a couple of framed prints to prop up on the window ledges and grab your laptop for a laid back solution.

This is a collaborative post, however all words are my own. 

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