Mummy Mondays – Our First Real Christmas Tree

I think it is probably clear by now that I am a huge fan of Christmas. I start getting excited as soon as Halloween is over and I always without fail have my tree up by December 1st. This year, I was fortunate enough to be sent a Christmas tree from The Christmas Forest and it was extra exciting for me as it was actually my first ever real Christmas tree, having always had artificial ones in the past.

My delivery was scheduled for Thursday and I couldn’t wait to get it up and decorated. We were sent a 6ft tree so Ed did most of the legwork getting the tree up and in its water stand whilst I took a time-lapse video ‘for the ‘gram’. The children were so excited to see the tree. The older two have become used to seeing our old tree so this was a complete novelty for them.

Once the tree was up, that Christmas tree scent filled the room. I hadn’t really understood what people meant by real trees having a distinctive smell until now. It is gorgeous!

When it came to decorating the tree, I wanted to keep it understated as the tree is so beautiful. I am usually a ‘chuck everything on and hope for the best’ kinda girl but this year I have gone for a colour scheme of gold, rose gold and pink and stuck to ornaments and lights rather than reaching for the tinsel.

I’m really pleased with how the tree looks. Most of our baubles are from previous years but I have also picked up some new decorations this year from the high street and supermarkets.

A real Christmas tree has some added maintenance, which is important to keep in mind. We have put up our tree fairly early but it should last if we regularly top up the water. It is also important to remember to do this in order to prevent the tree from drying out, which can create a fire hazard. We have used LED lights on our tree, which is advisable to avoid overheating. Candles are also obviously a big no.

I am also hoovering under the tree every day or so due to pine needles dropping, but I am so pleased with our real Christmas tree. I am a total convert and can see us having a real tree from now on!

We were gifted our 6ft tree and water stand from The Christmas Forest, however all words and images are my own. 

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