Mummy Mondays – Autumn Activities with Children

As much as I love autumn, the colder and sometimes more miserable weather can make it harder to decide on activities to keep the children occupied. Sundays are our family days, where we try and make an effort to get out and about and shake off the cobwebs. These are some of our favourite autumn activities with children.

Pumpkin Picking 

I know, I know. I bang on about pumpkin picking nearly every other post lately but it really is one of my favourite parts of autumn with the kids. We headed over to our local pumpkin patch earlier this month and the plan was to go back before our party on Halloween, but I’m not sure we will be able to get back there. Sopley Farm is fantastic year round for fresh, locally grown fruit and veg but the pumpkin season is my favourite and the children absolutely love picking out their own pumpkins.

Crazy Golf 

We have a few local crazy golf courses to choose from these days. For warmer days we like to head over to Mighty Claws and enjoy a game on their outside dinosaur themed course but as the temperatures dip we will be heading over to Mr Mulligans, the recently opened indoor golf centre which has a choice of three themed courses as well as food and drink service.

Beach Walks 

Yes, the weather is getting chillier, but that won’t stop us from wrapping up warm and heading out to the beach for a nice bracing walk. The sound of the waves is so therapeutic and the children love running along and being wild and free down by the sea. It really is my happy place and I am so pleased the children love heading to the beach as much as I do.

Rock Climbing 

We recently headed over to our local rock climbing centre – Rock Reef, and Carly really enjoyed giving it a go, although she lacked in confidence a little. It’s great for rainy days and will be good to improve the children’s stamina and faith in their abilities.

Trips to the Farm 

We have a couple of local farms and they are always great for a day out, when you want something a little more substantial to keep the children occupied. We have always gone to Farmer Palmers before, but recently we went along to a party at Honeybrook Farm and I will definitely be heading back as it was a lot of fun and had so much for the kids with the chance to really get hands on.

Country Parks 

We are fortunate to live nearby to two brilliant country parks – Moors Valley and Avon Heath. Moors Valley recently had a Gruffalo Trail, which was then replaced with a Highway Rat trail. It also has a brilliant play area, a steam train and plenty of woodland to walk around and explore. There is also the GoApe trail on-site. Avon Heath also has plenty to keep you occupied – the children love the slide and trampoline there!

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