5 Simple Ways to Transform Your Home

I absolutely love the concept of making a house a home. It is one of the reasons I am so excited to find and buy our ‘forever’ home as soon as we are able to. Although I am quite a fan of modern, newer build houses, Ed is very traditional and prefers the older buildings that have character and, more importantly, space. So, I know that when we do move, it is likely we will have a fair bit of transformation planned for the property. Whether you have just bought somewhere and are looking to do it up, or you just fancy transforming your home for the new season, these are five simple ways to transform your home.

Laminate Flooring 

Carpet can become stained, faded and tired fairly easily, especially if you live with small children like we do! One of the easiest ways to transform a room is to have the carpet replaced with laminate flooring. I used to be unsure of laminate flooring, but these days the styles are lovely and completely refresh a room.

Laminate flooring isn’t just for kitchens and bathrooms, it can be used in every room of the home. Plus, laminate flooring is so much easier to clean than carpets!

Have a Feature Wall 

If you don’t fancy painting a whole room, just opting for one feature wall can help to transform the space. A contrast is good, for example a dark blue against a pastel shade, or you could really mix it up by opting for something textured or even bypassing the paint completely and having a wall mural or exposed brick instead.

Having something that draws the eye to it can help to change up a tired room and really puts your individual stamp on it.

Add Mirrors 

If you fancy a change but are working to a small budget, consider buying mirrors to put up around the house. Not only do mirrors add style to a room, they can also completely transform the space, especially if you are working with fairly small areas.

Strategically placed mirrors can help give the illusion of a bigger room, and even provide more natural light. These days mirrors don’t have to be boring, you can find a style to suit the room or add a talking piece for guests.

Consider Houseplants

Houseplants are a great idea if you don’t have a big garden, but can also be used to add colour and style to an otherwise plainly decorated room. Plants are a great way to show off your personality, with a huge variety to choose from.

Houseplants are also brilliant for your health as they can help deter illness, clean the air and have even been shown to improve concentration and productivity – great for those of us like me who work from home! Plants are another inexpensive way to transform a room as you can add just one or two here and there and see a difference.

Upcyle Furniture 

Another way to transform a room quickly and easily is to upcycle old furniture. Whether you use existing items you already have in your home, or you visit charity or antique shops, you can bring a new lease of life to furniture whilst also building character into a room.

Upcycling doesn’t have to be taxing, there are so many tutorials to be found online and it can be an activity to include the whole family in or a personal project to focus your mind on. Some examples of upcycling to get you going are ladders to display your houseplants or framed pictures, reupholstered dining room chairs or upended crates used as shelving. Take a look at Pinterest for further inspiration.

Have you transformed your home recently? Do you have any further tips for changing things up? 

This is a sponsored post, however all words are my own.

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