Style – Transitional Pieces for a Warm Autumn

What is going on with the weather at the moment? One minute it’s nice and cold outside, I have my nice warm coat and scarf on and I am hunting for leaves to kick through whilst wearing my boots and the next it feels like the middle of summer all over again and I am frantically shedding layers! I know an Indian summer was forecast but I can’t be alone in feeling a little bit confused by how up and down the temperatures have been recently?

If you are also struggling with knowing what to wear when the weather is so hit and miss, these are a few of the transitional pieces I have been reaching for this autumn…

The Tartan Mini 

I will be honest and say I wasn’t sure about keeping this skirt as I was worried it was too short for a mum of three to get away with but, you know what, I actually love how it looked on a recent photo shoot with Ciara.

I paired it with a simple cream cami and a black blazer, also from New Look. A pair of black heels finished the look and I really like the outfit for something like dinner with friends, a catch up coffee or after work drinks.

The skirt could also be worn with a nice cosy jumper and ankle boots for a more relaxed and informal outfit.

The Simple Slogan Tee 

I am a sucker for slogan tees, such a typical millennial (I am a millennial, right?). This one is New Look but I also have some lovely ones from Primark at the moment too, in a range of autumnal shades.

This colour is really nice, the embroidered slogan is perfect and the fit is really flattering. I have worn this with black jeans and pumps and dressed it up a bit with a skirt and boots.

The Block Colour Skirt 

This skirt is one of my most worn items at the moment. Not only is it a flattering shape, it is also a nice thick material, so I don’t live in fear that a rogue gust of wind might blow it up and reveal my underwear.

I sized up as Primark clothes tend to be tight on me and this is a pretty good fit. I like to tuck my tees in as I feel it gives a nicer silhouette and then just layer up depending on how warm it is when you leave the house. My leopard print scarf is from New Look and just adds a little autumn to my outfits.

The Black Blazer 

If there is one item in my wardrobe that can be relied upon to smarten up an outfit, it’s my trusty black blazer. I tend to whack it on with anything if I am unsure whether it is smart enough and it instantly makes me feel more confident with my outfit choice.

Now, this one is actually fairly old from New Look as I am yet to come across another style which is as flattering for me as this one but there are plenty out there if you are looking to pick one up this season.

I pair it with a t shirt and jeans or a vest top and skirt or over a dress or jumpsuit for a night out. Great as an alternative to a heavy coat whilst the weather is still warm a well!

Have you got any trusty wardrobe staples for this warm weather we have been having this autumn? 

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