Wedding Wednesday – Wedding Dress Alterations – Finding The Right Seamstress

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding dress, dress alterations can make all the difference. Finding the right seamstress makes the journey to your wedding day as easy as possible, ensuring you look beautiful and feel confident when the big day rolls around.

5 Steps To Finding The Perfect Seamstress

1. Trust Reviews

When you initially start looking for a seamstress to alter your wedding dress, you will be faced with a vast amount of options out there. An easy way to start filtering out the most notable, trustworthy and professional seamstresses is to look at their reviews. Google Reviews displays a star rating, allowing you to filter out the good from the bad quickly and easily. Alternatively, good seamstresses display authentic positive reviews on their website, giving you a feel for the satisfaction and joy their work can bring. No business is ever perfect, but assessing the reviews attached to alterations companies is a sure fire way to find a seamstress who is right for you. After all, you do not want to leave anything to chance when it comes to your wedding dress and the big day, so completely trusting your seamstress is a must! 

2. Ask Around

So you’ve just been to your friends wedding and seen her walk down the aisle in the most stunning gown, watching her dance the night away in complete comfort. Why not ask her how she made sure her dress was fitted to perfection, what dress alterations she had and which alteration services she used? It may seem simple, but asking around is not always something everyone thinks of. If someone you trust has used and loved a particular seamstress, the chances are they would be right for you also. However, if you are still struggling, it may be worth asking the boutique you bought your wedding dress from about which dress alterations company they send their own garments to. Asking these questions works as a ‘word of mouth’ review, directing you towards a reliable, reputable seamstress, ensuring your wedding dress is perfect. 

3. Skip Basic Tailors 

Unless you are after a very simple procedure on an inexpensive garment, like a simple re-hem, then it is wise to avoid basic tailor services like those provided at a dry cleaners. These services are all well and good, but when it comes to bespoke dress alterations like those of your wedding dress, it is worth going the extra mile to find a seamstress who can make the dress of your dreams. The elaborate fabrics and silhouettes of a wedding dress make any changes required a far more complex process, requiring a seamstress with expertise to ensure the garment is right.

4. Look At Their Previous Work

By asking to see any previous work of a seamstress, you can ensure their work is good enough. Check the work closely to make sure the stitching is of the highest quality and that any alterations that have been made are not glaringly obvious. The garment should look as if it was always intended to be that way, as this will mean any adjustments made to your dress will look as authentic as possible. 

5. Talk With Them, Not At Them

Once you have found a seamstress who is potentially the right one for you, be sure to talk with them regarding your requirements. It can be very tempting to go into a meeting with your seamstress and launch straight into what dress alterations you think the garment requires. This can result in a gown which fulfills the guidelines you set out, but is not always perfect. Instead, consider creating a list of what bothers you in the dress, whether one section clings too tight or sits too low. Discuss these queries with your seamstress and allow them to propose ways to rectify these issues. This way of doing things maximises the changes of your wedding dress being absolutely perfect for the big day. After all, the seamstress is the one qualified to do the job!

Adjustments On Offer

A good wedding dress alterations company should be able to offer the following services to nip and tuck your dress to perfection: 

  • Taking in or Letting out wedding dress sides
  • Narrow wedding dress shoulders
  • Shorten / Lengthen Hem
  • Shorten / Lengthen Straps
  • Reshape  Neckline
  • Replace  Zip
  • Wedding Dress Restyling
  • General  Repairs

If you have any other needs when it comes to altering your dress, a professional service should be able to accomodate you. These services enable simple tweaks or a complete restyle, turning your dream dress into a reality. Whether you have purchased your wedding dress from a department store, bridal boutique or have inherited it, the right seamstress should be able to help tailor the gown to your body, ensuring you are full of confidence when it comes to putting it on for the day of your wedding. 

Don’t Forget…

To take your dress and shoes with you on the day of your fitting – Taking your dress with you is obvious, but it is surprising how many people forget to take their shoes with them. The shoes you intend on wearing for the wedding will affect many adjustments made by a seamstress as they alter your posture, your height and the way you move. Remembering to take both with you to your fitting is therefore essential for a seamless alterations process.

To budget – Allocating a sum of money to purchase your perfect dress is common sense, remembering to budget for dress alterations can be overlooked. By thinking ahead monetarily you will be able to adjust your dress in any required way, being ready to say yes to the perfect seamstress whenever you find them. 

To establish a timeline – although it is wise not to find your wedding dress too early as you run the risk of the gown being outdated or no longer to your taste by the time your wedding day comes around, it is a good idea to allow plenty of time so you are not forced to settle for an imperfect dress. Allowing extra time to not only find your dress, but to find a suitable seamstress and dress alterations company with time to adjust the garment is key to feeling your best on the big day. 

 Searching For The Right Seamstress? Look No Further!

The renowned London’s Alterations Boutique offers a complete range of dress alterations whether you require a simple tweak or a complete restyle, their highly experienced seamstresses are here to help transform your dream into reality. Speak to a friendly member of their team today on 0207 724 4147 to discuss your unique requirements. 

This is a sponsored guest post, which has been written by a third party. 

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