Mummy Mondays – Preparing for Our First Family Cruise

There’s just one week left until we embark on our very first cruise as a family. Never mind that, it’s my very first cruise full stop, and I must admit, the nerves are kicking in a little now. I have mentioned before that I suffer from anxiety and claustrophobia, and although I am well aware that a cruise ship is very, very big in size, my anxiety stems from the fear of being stuck and unable to get out, something which is still relevant even on a large vessel like a ship.

I am hopeful that being with the children, and in parent mode will distract me enough, and that once I am actually on the cruise, I will have fun and forget my fears.

I have been getting all the last minute bits in the lead-up, and today I wanted to share with you some of the items I have been getting in preparation for our family cruise.


I am under no illusion that a cruise, or any holiday, with kids doesn’t necessarily give you a lot of free time to be reading many books. However, I am adamant I will read at least one whilst I am away, and what more appropriate than the follow up to Why Mummy Drinks? I am very much looking forward to reading this, even if it has to be after everyone else is fast asleep at night!

Towel Clips 

I saw these in the pound shop and remembered seeing people use them around the pool at our hotel whilst we were on our honeymoon in Mexico. I figured it was worth picking up a few in case we need them when at the open air pool whilst on the cruise as I can imagine it might get a little breezy whilst at sea? Who knows, but at £1 for a pack of two, it’s worth having them in case.


Obviously the kids already have some swimwear, but as I anticipate we will be down by the pool most days, I wanted to get a couple more for them so that we aren’t manically trying to get them dry each day. I clearly left it too late to head to primark though, with the schools out for summer, and the UK experiencing a heatwave of epic proportions, there was a severe shortage in the kids’ sizes when I went this week!

USB Universal Power Adapter 

I have been reading all the forums, and asking anyone I know who has ever been on a cruise and something that keeps coming up is a travel power adapter. I was having a browse for one on Amazon and I came across this one which is a USB universal power adapter, with transferable plugs to allow for use in different regions. As most of our devices are compatible with USB, I figured this was a good buy.

Concentrated Squash 

I also had this recommended to us. Although we opted for the all inclusive drinks package on the cruise, this will be good to have in reserve in our cabin in case the children fancy some home comforts. I love how small and cute it is too!

Rescue Remedy 

This really helped me when I was on the plane in Mexico and I had a panic attack. I find that just having it on me makes me a little less nervous, as I know I can use it if I need to. I bought it on Amazon as it was a few pounds cheaper for the 20ml bottle than in Boots.

Travel Sickness Medication 

Whilst I was in Boots, I spoke to the member of staff at the medicine counter and asked what they suggested to have along with us in case of travel sickness for the children. This was recommended, and only cost a few pounds. It actually also works as an antihistamine, which is brilliant.

Swimsuit Bags 

These were another pound shop buy, and the kids love them as they are bright orange (their favourite colour). I picked up a couple of them as I figured it would be good to have something to transport their wet swimming costumes from pool to cabin without leaving a wet trail behind us!

Hand Sanitiser 

I am paranoid about germs when it comes to large crowds of people all in one place, so I wanted to make sure we were stocked up with enough hand sanitiser for us all. These handy little bottles can fit in a clutch bag so you have them to hand at all times.


This was something I never would have thought about myself, but I saw on a cruise facebook page I am on and I definitely recommend. I bought a pack of 12 for around £8 on Amazon, and the quality is excellent. I know the kids are going to love wearing them too as they have tried to steal some of the ones I have been given from events before! They are brilliant for keeping the cruise passes safe and secure.

Travel Mini First Aid Kit 

I picked up a couple of these – one for Camp Bestival and one for the cruise and I am going to be adding a few extra plasters to them just in case. I bought this one in Tiger for £2 and another similar one from the pound shop.

Motion Sensor Night Lights 

These are probably my favourite buy! Both kids are very nervous about sleeping in the dark, and have lamps on at home. These are brilliant as they don’t stay on constantly, which would annoy us and keep Benjamin awake, but they come on when anybody moves around, which will make any middle of the night toilet trips a lot easier! They are USB powered too, which makes them really cost effective (they were £15 for a pack of 2 on Amazon).

Munchkin Portable Bath 

This one may actually be a bit small for Benjamin, it was hard to tell from the information online and the reviews, but it does say it is suitable for up to 2 years. I figured it was worth having with us, as the cruise ships only have showers, and he does not deal well in anything other than a bath.

Mini Noticeboard 

This was again something I read a tip about online. Basically it is recommended to use to relay messages between family members in the cabin e.g. meet me at the bar (haha). As Ed and I are staying in two separate cabins, I am not sure how much we will actually use this, but I’m sure the kids will be amused by it anyway!

Have you cruised before as a family? Is there anything else you recommend we take with us? 

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