5 Things to Do on Your Next Visit to Newcastle

When I was around twenty, my brother moved up to Newcastle to attend the university there and, since meeting a girl there who is now his wife, he hasn’t moved back down.The couple have since moved a little further out, into County Durham, with their gorgeous daughter Isla, but we try and visit as often as possible, and tend to still head into Newcastle when we are up there as there’s always lots to do in the city. I’ve put together a list of some of the top things to see in Newcastle. If you’re looking for somewhere to stay nearby, an Alnwick Hotel would be ideal – outside of the main town but close enough to visit the top attractions.

BBC Newcastle Tour

I absolutely loved the Millennium Dome, and am gutted it isn’t around these days as I know my kids would really enjoy it too. One of the parts I enjoyed the most was being able to read the news, and learning all about how a newsroom worked. I love that the BBC Newcastle Tour has a special tour aimed at younger children, and that it’s interactive, with plenty of chances for the kids to get involved. I’m not sure who is more excited to go along to this, me or the kids!

The Great North Museum


I have always been a fan of museums. My mum used to take us to lots when we were younger, and I really want my children to experience as many of them as possible whilst they are still fairly young.The Great North Museum has lots to explore including live animals, which I am sure Carly would love! Cameron is really into history at the moment, and I think he would find the exhibits on ancient Egyptians and Hadrian’s Wall interesting.I like the sound of the Mouse House area for under 5’s too, it’s nice when a venue caters for their youngest guests, and I am looking forward to taking Benjamin along.The museum is currently closed until 22nd June, in preparation for a new exhibition – Which Way North, to coincide with the Great Exhibition of the North.

Jump 360 Trampoline Park

Ed took me to a trampoline park locally for my annual valentine’s day surprise back in February, and ever since I have been meaning to take the kids along to one. This one is situated just outside of the city centre, features a climbing wall, an obstacle course and a dedicated toddler area. Best of all, discounted tickets are currently available on Groupon.



Laing Art Gallery

I must confess, I haven’t actually been to many art galleries, but since my nan took up painting recently, I have taken more of an interest in art, and I really love looking at different pieces. The Laing Gallery includes a variety of different mediums including oil, watercolour, ceramics and glass. Exhibitions are updated regularly, and the gallery includes a cafe and an area for children under 5. Carly, in particular, has a passion for arts and crafts, and I am looking forward to taking her here on one of our next visits.


Hunt Fun Family Treasure Hunt

I absolutely love a good treasure hunt. Destination hunts have become popular of late, and it’s clear to see why. Treasure hunts are a great way to explore a new place, or to simply see your own town in a different light. I have been to Newcastle several times now, but I don’t feel like I know it that well.Hunt Fun treasure hunts aim to open your eyes to parts of towns and cities that you might normally walk straight past. Their family and friends hunt booklet is currently available to purchase via Groupon at a reduced rate. They also have hunts available for over 240 locations including our own town of Bournemouth, and nearby Southampton.


This is a collaborative post, however all opinions and images are my own.

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