Mummy Mondays – The Perfect Gift for Mums this Christmas with Times To Treasure

With Christmas now under a month away (eek), thoughts are definitely centred around the perfect gift for those close to you. The most beautiful gift I’ve ever received before was a necklace with the footprints of my eldest two children.

I was devastated when I lost it a couple of years ago after a house move so when the lovely Grainne from Times to Treasure in Poole said she would be up for a collaboration I was over the moon!

The kids and I headed over to Grainne’s house, where her studio is based, and I was not only impressed with all the options on offer for my jewellery, but also at how good Grainne was with my three little monkeys (who weren’t all on their best behaviour).

As Grainne has kids herself, she’s incredibly patient, kind and understanding – which is brilliant when you are faced with having to get your rather wild children to stay nice and still to get their prints done!

A little overwhelmed by the choices on offer, I eventually settled on a necklace with three individual charms, with the handprint and name of a child on each one. Grainne was really thorough with helping my decision – it is clear from talking to her how much of a passion she has for what she does!

Grainne works with only the best quality metals, so although I’ve had irritation in the past from some silver, I was confident that this wouldn’t be the case this time.

Having made the decision on the jewellery, it was time to take the prints from the children. Carly and Cameron were so enthralled by what Grainne was saying about the process, that they had their handprints taken without a fuss.

Benjamin, at just under a year old at the time, was less cooperative but a quick feed sorted that out and his print was also taken without any drama.

When I received my necklace I absolutely loved it. Although Grainne had attempted to explain how the finished product would look, I hadn’t been able to visualise it properly, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

Each individual charm is beautiful, and although I could guess which print belonged to which child, if I ever forget I can just turn it over to see the name on the back.

The phrase, ‘the most precious jewels you’ll have around your neck are the arms of your children’ springs to mind, even if these are technically their hands rather than their arms!

As well as necklaces, Times to Treasure also offer a beautiful array of jewellery from charms to add to your pandora bracelet, to pendants and even rings and earrings.

A piece of jewellery with the prints of their child or grandchild would be the perfect sentimental gift for a loved one this Christmas, or for other occasions such as a birthday or Mother’s Day.

If you’d prefer something a little different, Grainne also offers standard jewellery, wish bracelets and jars of joy as well as casts in a metal finish – such a unique gift idea.

For more information about Grainne’s products and services, or to find out how to get in touch with her, visit her Facebook page.

Grainne provided my necklace for the purpose of this review, however all opinions and photos are my own.

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8 thoughts on “Mummy Mondays – The Perfect Gift for Mums this Christmas with Times To Treasure

  1. Alice

    Oh my gosh this is so gorgeous! This would be the absolute sweetest present to give or receive and the engraving looks so professional and intricate, what a brilliant idea!
    Alice Xx


  2. Gemma

    What a beautiful, beautiful piece of jewellery to treasure forever!! I want one! x


  3. Emma Drury

    This is such a stunning and adorable gift idea!
    Emma |


  4. Charlotte Lane

    I absolutely adore this piece of jewellery! How special and sentimental xo

    Char |


  5. Joyce Lau

    The S is so cute! I would love to this when I have kids ! X


  6. Chloe Dickenson

    Oh my goodness, I can’t actually believe just how amazing this is! This is honestly one of the most beautiful and thoughtful gifts I’ve ever seen! I know my mum or grandma would love to recieve something like this for Christmas. I’m so glad you love your necklace! xx


    1. emma_lou

      Thank you – it is such a lovely gift and something I will treasure for years to come! xx


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