Wedding Wednesday – Our Minimoon Stay at The Captains Club in Christchurch 

As we got married abroad, we didn’t have a honeymoon straight after our wedding, instead a couple of days after we tied the knot, we flew back home with the rest of our family and friends.

Although my mum did look after the children the night of the wedding, which we are very grateful for, we didn’t manage to get much of a break from the kids whilst in Santorini, and we came home craving a little time for just us.

We aren’t having a honeymoon until next summer (and we really need to crack on and book that as otherwise we won’t even get away then), so we started looking into shorter breaks in the meantime.

Originally I was looking into mini breaks abroad, somewhere like Amsterdam, where we both really want to visit, but the logistics just weren’t right with Ed now working in a school, meaning he isn’t able to take any time off in the week.

Instead, I turned my search to uk hotels and, after a very lengthy browse through, we decided on two one night stays rather than one long weekend. This meant that if Benjamin were to still be breastfeeding (which, as it happens, he is), I wouldn’t need to express too much milk for whilst he was away from me.

We ended up booking our first night’s stay at The Captains Club, in Christchurch, which is actually just a short drive away from us in Bournemouth.

Although I had heard of the hotel before, I hadn’t been there, and I was looking forward to a break from being just a mum, and spending some quality time with Ed, as a couple. We opted for a mid week stay during half term week, as Carly was away with her dad anyway, and it meant the hotel and spa were a little quieter than over the weekend.

We arrived early to the hotel, making the most of our time off from being parents, and as our room wasn’t quite ready yet, we decided to walk into the town for something to eat.

After some yummy pizza, and a few cocktails (got to love a bit of cheeky daytime drinking on your minimoon), we were given a call to say our room was ready so we headed back over to check in.

When we booked, the junior suite was the same price as a normal double room so it was obviously a no-brainer to book the bigger room. I don’t often stay in a suite of any kind, so haven’t much to compare it with, but our room was pretty incredible with a beautiful view of the river and lovely soft furnishings.

I had mentioned it was our minimoon when I made the booking and the hotel had left us a lovely little card to say congratulations on the wedding, with a little box of chocolates and some bubbly – such a nice touch!

We decided to head down to the spa for a bit, and it was so lovely to just be able to get changed in our room and head down in our robes and slippers. Although small, the spa is lovely and so relaxing. We headed straight for the jet pool, and chatted over the sound of the bubbles.

As a mum, who also works from home, I find it really hard to switch off even when I’m away, but being in a spa, I was forced to put the phone down and step away from social media, and it was actually really nice to have a little break. I couldn’t resist the odd boomerang on Instagram though, and I must have shared every single one of my cosmopolitans over my stories that day, oops.

After the spa we chilled out in the room for a bit before dinner, it was nice to cosy up on the sofa sipping yet another cocktail, watching Come Dine With Me like the cool kids that we are.

Ed had made reservations for dinner at a local restaurant – The Boathouse, and I loved how intimate it was inside, with a roaring fire to keep the rather chilly October air at bay.

I had the fishcake to start, which was absolutely delicious, followed by even more pizza (I’m surprised I didn’t turn into a pizza that day). Ed went for pork crackling and the roast lamb for his main.

The restaurant is pricier than most of the places we visit, but I would say totally worth the cost as the food was incredible and service was nice and fast. The only thing I regret is not having dessert, I felt a little too full and thought I would prefer a nice bar of chocolate back in our hotel room (no, you’re living the high life).

Unfortunately for us, Christchurch seems to have missed the memo that some people like chocolate late at night, and we couldn’t find a convenience store or express supermarket anywhere within walking distance.

In the end we totally got individual bars of chocolate from the travel lodge vending machine – thank the heavens for that machine as I was soon tucked up with Ed watching Shallow Hal in our suite with malteesers and a twix #rockandroll

The next morning we had a lie in (woohoo), although it was short lived when I discovered my boobs were as hard as rocks and I had to express some milk off before we could head down for breakfast.

I have to hand it to the hotel, they know how to do breakfast! There was a huge abundance of food available from their continental breakfast buffet and then we were able to order a full English or other hot item on the menu (Ed was eyeing up his favourite breakfast – Eggs Benedict, before opting for the full works instead.

The hotel were again really sweet and brought out a tray with truffles and congratulations written in chocolate.

After breakfast we checked out and headed back to the spa where we had massages booked for 1pm. Arriving an hour before our treatments, we ended up with the pool to ourselves. It was so lovely!

We had booked the Wine Makers massage for each of us, and we both loved it – it was really nice to switch off and relax for a bit before meeting back up with my mum and taking the boys back home with us.

Although it would have been nice to have a longer trip away, I absolutely loved our stay at The Captain’s Club hotel – it was just what we needed to recharge our batteries and celebrate being newlyweds. I’m so looking forward to our second minimoon in December as well!

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9 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday – Our Minimoon Stay at The Captains Club in Christchurch 

  1. emily

    Ooooh it sounds like you had an amazing time! The hotel and spa look fab, and it’s definitely made me want to go to a spa very soon – I’m a big fan, can get more relaxed in this country if you ask me! Beautiful photos and lovely post xx

    emily x ❤ |


  2. blacktulipbeauty

    This looks like such a cute and cosy little break! I’d absolutely love to get away to somewhere like this soon, so luxurious and relaxing!
    Alice Xx


  3. ofbeautyand

    It looks and sounds so nice – those knitted/button cushions are so cute – sidenote x


  4. Cindy

    Your mini-moon sounds perfect and lovely!! Also the food looks delicious.


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  6. Chloe 👠🗽✈️ (@imjustagirl_16)

    This sounds absolutely lovely, it’s so nice to be able to get away sometimes and this looks like the perfect place to enjoy your minimoon! The food looks absolutely heavenly too! xx


  7. Joyce

    I love a little mini break! Hope you had a wonderful mini moon x


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