Wedding Wednesday – Our Santorini Wedding – 5 Weeks to Go 

As I mentioned on my last update two weeks ago, it’s all a bit of a waiting game at the moment with our wedding plans. 

Last Friday we got our documents back with the Apostille stamp, which is brilliant, as it meant we were able to email the scanned copies of these over to our wedding company. 

I’ve also been receiving the deliveries of all the little bits I bought online over the past few weeks, and I’ve been panicking about fitting them all in our luggage to fly out to Santorini – oops! 

Other than that though, as I predicted, it’s all a gone a bit quiet on the wedding front currently. We’ve been using this time to finalise plans for our UK reception, which will be in November, and we have sent out our invites for this as well. 

I feel a lot more positive about our wedding now, and I’ve actually managed to get excited again. I’m going to try and enjoy the summer holidays and the final lead up to our departure. 

If you fancy watching me chatting about our plans so far, I uploaded a video to my YouTube channel for the first time in over a month last week so take a look! 

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