Wedding Wednesday – Suit Shopping for a Destination Wedding 

After finding my wedding dress, and sorting the bridesmaid outfits, the next thing on the list was suit shopping. Ed and his best man headed into town with my only specification being lighter shades, to fit with our pastel colour scheme.

With a fairly moderate budget, the boys did good and managed to find a lovely suit in House of Fraser and short sleeved shirts in Marks and Spencer with enough money leftover to get belts to match their shoes.

The main obstacle Ed found when shopping was that most suits are aimed at those getting married here in the UK, and finding one that would be suitable for the Greek climate was fairly difficult. For anyone else marrying abroad and struggling with finding suits, I asked Ed for his top tips.

Stick to Your Colours 

When you walk into the shop, there is so much choice, it’s easier to look for a certain colour than to get distracted.

Choosing Colour for Conditions 

Talking of colours, although lighter shades will look nice in a hotter climate, and may help make you feel a little less like you’re being boiled alive than wearing head to toe black, they also show up the sweat a lot easier. Opt for a medium shade as a compromise.

Think of the Sunlight  

Remember, it may look lovely in the artificial fitting room lighting, it may even look good outside in the somewhat dull English weather, but will it look as nice in direct sunlight? Shop with your destination in mind
Find your Fit

Know your body type and look for the style of suit which suits you – e.g. slimfit, loose fit, extra long leg. Getting married in a hot climate means the loose fit suit is generally a better option as it will be less constricting in the heat

Not too Heavy a Fabric

When looking at a suit, take note of the fabric, and how heavy it feels in your hand, on the hanger, as well as when trying it on. Generally shops and fitting rooms are air conditioned, and suits can feel a lot more comfortable than when you are out in the summer sun. Additionally, a lighter material means less weight in the suitcase.

Work the Waistcoat 

In hot weather, the last thing you’re going to want is a big suit jacket on you. Either ditch the jacket altogether, or at least ensure the waistcoat would look just as good on its own as it does underneath the jacket. Some come with patterns on the back, which add a little something to the overall look.

Don’t get Hung up on a Tie 
So you always imagined wearing a tie for your wedding? Ties or cravats are brilliant… for UK weddings, but when it comes to finding the right shirt for a wedding abroad, the best option for the heat is linen, and linen shirts often don’t allow for a tie. Don’t be afraid of a laid back vibe and ditch the tie

Be Prepared 

It’s best to be prepared. Head to the shops with a shirt, it doesn’t have to be the one you’re going with for the wedding, but it’s hard to get a feel for a suit if you’re trying it on over a t shirt. If you haven’t got one, ask the shop assistant if you’re able to try one on to complete the look

Shoes and Belt should Match

If you already have your shoes, take them along with you, and always match your belt to your shoes. It completes the look, and will get the thumbs up from your partner as it looks smarter.

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5 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday – Suit Shopping for a Destination Wedding 

  1. Amy @ The Smallest Of Things

    Were heading to a wedding in Spain in June so I’m intrigued as to what the groom will be wearing. My partner is a really hot person anyway so these are great tips for when we eventually start planning haha ox


  2. Something About Baby

    I’ve never thought how much harder it must be to suit shop for a destination wedding – we got married in the UK in November so had black tails! Also like that you sent Ed out for his suit, I was very pleased hubby let me choose his!


  3. Amy | All Things Amy

    Great tips, I bet it’s so easy to get carried away, especially when there are so many options and accessories.


  4. Charlotte Zealey

    Love how you have give Ed some input into the wedding by letting him choose his own suit because there are many brides out there who wouldn’t in case they came back with something stupid. I am glad you managed to get all of the extras as well.


  5. Everything Mummy

    Great tips I can imagine it would be hard to find something just right for hot weather!


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