Baby and Lion Dog – The Search for the Missing Nose Book Review

I’m always on the search for books that will keep the children interested at bedtime. They are at ages now where they like to ask questions about what I’m reading to them and they really take an interest in the storyline. 

When the chance came along for us to review new book ‘Baby and Lion Dog – The Search for the Missing Nose’, I was excited to read it to the children and see what they thought. 

The book is longer than a lot of our other books, which pleased Cameron and Carly as it meant they got longer cuddles with mummy before bed. The story follows baby and his pet dog ‘lion dog’ as they solve the mystery of a circus clown’s missing red squishy nose, which he needs to be able to perform at the circus. 

The children had great fun guessing where the clown’s nose could have gone, and they were pleased when baby and Lion Dog found it and saved the day. 

I particularly liked that the story ended with baby and Lion Dog going home to sleep as it helped Cameron and Carly to settle down for the night too! 

Baby and Lion Dog is the first of a series of books written by Elizabeth Forbes. The book can currently be purchased from the author through Amazon

I look forward to seeing more adventures for baby and his furry sidekick in the future! 

The book was sent to us for the purpose of review, however all views are our own. 

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