Wedding Wednesday – Sit Down with a Supplier – Chota Peg and Lime 

This week I’m sitting down with Rochelle, owner of Chota Peg and Lime.

Hi Rochelle, can you please explain what your company does?
We are a mobile pop-up bar that offers three styles of bars, staff and drinks for weddings or events. We can provide a full-serviced bar, or a selection of wines or cocktails, alongside personalised bars – it’s bespoke to every customers wishes!

What are your top tips for couples?

Keep the bar in the same location as the dance floor! We find that when the bar is in a different room, guests hangout by the bar and it can create a divide in your wedding party. If you have paid for a live band or DJ you’re risking it going to waste if your guests are too busy at the bar!

What do you enjoy most about working in the wedding industry?

The Brides & Grooms of course! It’s such an honour to be chosen to be part of the couples big day. It’s a genuine pleasure taking the reins from the Couple to help with the big day, letting them relax and focus on what matters.

What are the trends for 2016-2017?

We’ve seen a big increase in entertainment at weddings, such as photo booths, magicians and live bands. The biggest one for us though we think, will be the ‘Couples Cocktails’ as a part of the bar service. It’s a simple way to reduce the amount of drinks needed at the bar, and adds a personalised twist to the service.

Other than your own company/product, what would you recommend for a wedding?

I would recommend adding a little twist to your event to really emphasise the theme, or just to add something unique. We’ve seen hay bales as seating, ice sculptures, bubble arists and of course photo booths! Any or all of these extra add ones really make the day more fun and memorable.

What would be your dream wedding venue?

A country barn, or big empty marquee in a middle of a field somewhere. These venues make the best photoshoots, they’re a romantic setting and you can really let your creativity and imagination go wild with all of the empty space!

Thank you so much for chatting with me Rochelle!

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