September Plans 

I cannot quite believe we are into September! It feels like I’ve been waiting ages for August to be over (don’t get me wrong, I usually have nothing against August, it’s just that September feels SO much closer to my due date!). 

Being September, I can now confidently say that I will have a baby next month, eek! I actually have a lot of things planned for this month, compared to others, so baby needs to sit tight until at least the end of the month! 

1st Septemebr – Carly’s School Application! 

Carly misses out on going to school this year but I can now apply for her to go for next year. We plan to move in the next few months so I’m hoping she can get into the same school as Cameron (we have currently moved away from his school and are moving back into the area *fingers crossed*). So exciting! 

2nd September- 1 year to our Wedding 
Ok, so we aren’t technically doing anything but this date marks a year to go until our wedding day in Santorini! So exciting! 

3rd September – Pregnancy Massage & Very Special Shopping Trip 

After a relaxing pregnancy massage in the morning, Ed and I will be heading off to look at the Olympus Pen camera I’ve been lusting over, with the intention to buy. So excited! The children are off to legoland for the weekend too so everyone will be having a fun day! 

4th September – Wedding Fayre 

Ed has actually been asking me to arrange for us to go to a wedding Fayre as he wants to talk to ring people about creating a bespoke wedding ring for him, so it’s a nice change from dragging him out with me to one. This is the first one I’ve come across for Autumn in the area and I must say, I’m pretty excited as I love a good wedding Fayre! 

5th September – Cameron Back to School & Home Birth Meeting

Cameron goes back to school, Carly goes back to nursery and I go back to work (albeit after a shorter time off). It’s going to be a hectic day as in the evening Ed and I are also going to a home birth meeting. They are held every month but this is kind of our last proper chance to go to one as it would be cutting it a little fine waiting until October! 

7th September – Midwife appointment,  Haircut and highlights & Meal with Mums 

This is one jam packed day off I have planned! My 34 week midwife appointment should be pretty routine as I don’t have much to report following a positive growth scan at 33 weeks. I am then finally going to have my highlights done (my roots look awful!) and then in the evening I am going out for dinner with my mum friends for a much awaited and needed catch up/gossip/baby talk – cannot wait! 

13th September – Cameron’s birthday 

Cameron turns 6! As his celebrations aren’t until the weekend, I’m planning on getting some takeaway pizza (he loves Pepperoni but calls it macaroni) and just having a snuggly family night in front of a film. 

16th – Cameron’s sleepover 

Instead of having a big invite all the class style party, Cameron is having just a couple of his friends over for his very first sleepover before cinema and a birthday tea on the Saturday. He’s VERY excited (I’m nervous as hell!) 

17th September – Cameron’s Birthday Celebrations Continue 

As I mentioned above, Cameron and his friends will go to the cinema before an afternoon birthday tea (paw patrol themed, of course). 

18th September – Wedding Fayre

This is a much bigger wedding Fayre than the one at the start of the month. It’s the biggest in the local area and so likely to have anything and everything we might need for our UK reception (unfortunately we probably won’t find much for our Greek wedding at a UK Fayre) 

20th Septemebr – 36 Week Growth Scan 

This date hasn’t been confirmed yet as the appointment needs to be sent in the post, but I’m guessing my 36 week growth scan will be on this date (when I’m 36 weeks exactly) as they’ve been on a Tuesday so far. Hopefully at this consultant appointment I will be passed back into the home birth team of midwives and given the go ahead for giving birth at home. It will also be the last time I’ll see the baby before he’s actually in my arms and will mark only 1 week to go before I’m classed as full term! 

23rd Septemebr – Pregnancy massage and General Pamper 

I have scheduled in a full afternoon of pampering with a pregnancy massage and shellac manicure and pedicure as well as having my eyebrows threaded. I want to look the best I can do considering how huge I will be. Plus by this stage, let’s face it, I won’t be able to reach my toenails anymore! 

24th September – Nan’s Birthday  

We will be going out for a family meal to celebrate my nan’s birthday. I’m not sure where just yet as she refuses to make plans that far in advance (I do not take after her, I pretty much have the whole next year planned out already)

25th September – Baby Shower! 

So excited (and kinda crossing my legs and hoping baby doesn’t appear before it) for baby ‘salad’s’ baby shower! I left it late as I didn’t want to overshadow Cameron’s birthday with it (as I did when I was expecting Carly), but it’s actually only a few weeks before I’m due so I’m going to be massive! We are going to a local hotel for some chocolate dipped strawberries, cupcakes and Prosecco (sadly none for me, *sad face*) along with party games and lots of exclamations of how huge my belly is no doubt!

27th September – Baby Event at Mothercare 

I went to one of these when I was having Carly and it’s really just something to keep me occupied when the end is nigh to be honest as we already have most of the things we need for baby. It looks like a fun evening. I’m not sure if Ed will be coming or my mum as he technically has a gym class that night but he might be persuaded otherwise… 

I also need to fit in watching Bridget Jones’ Baby once it comes out, not sure when that will be just yet as I’m a cheapskate and insist on using my meerkat movies code! 

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