Wedding Wednesday – Tips for Keeping Cool during Your Destination Wedding 

Planning a wedding abroad? One of the first things that I thought about when deciding on Santorini for our wedding was the heat.

In case you hadn’t noticed from my various social media updates and blog posts in the last couple of days, me and heat don’t mix very well.
To be fair, it’s worse at the moment because I’m pregnant and I *touch wood* won’t be next September when Ed and I get married overlooking this beautiful view..

(Perfect Weddings Abroad)

But to ensure that I (and our guests) can cope in the summer sunshine, I’m planning the following… 

Later Ceremony Time 
This one wasn’t actually my decision. 6pm was suggested to us by our wedding coordinator and my inital reaction was hell no! I hated the idea of missing so many hours of our special day waiting for what is essentially the evening for anything to start. Then I thought logically. It’s going to be peak season out there. It’s likely to be over 30 degrees in the daytime. Do I really want us to be so sweaty and uncomfortable during our ceremony and celebrations that we won’t enjoy it? With our three kids to think about as well, I decided to listen to reason, and we’ve booked the 6pm ceremony. 


Ok so browsing Pinterest became my number one favourite thing to do after Ed and I decided on a destination wedding. I was pinning cool ideas left right and centre. One idea stuck out and that was giving guests fans to use during the ceremony. Something that can match the colour scheme, make for some cool photos and keep guests feeling less hot and bothered, what’s not to love? 

Yes, this is another Pinterest steal… And yes, guests are not likely to have forgotten to pack their own pair of sunnies, but think of the cute picture! 


Water Bottles 

I will be putting together welcome packs for our guests for when they arrive at the hotel. This will have various bits and bobs in including a little survival kit for the wedding. One thing I’m definitely putting in there is a bottle of water. Yes, I’m sure the venue would provide something if needed, but in a hot climate, it’s always nice to have your own handy bottle to drink from

I’m not going as far as providing sun cream for every guest, but I will have a bottle to hand, especially for the children as the sun will still be quite strong even in the early evening and I don’t want to risk them getting burnt. I will also be slathering this on the whole holiday to make sure I don’t end up resembling a tomato in our wedding shots. 

Not just good for the tears that might be shed (happy ones, I hope), tissues can help to mop up excess oil caused by sweating with makeup on 

Hopefully *fingers crossed* it won’t rain out there.. But an umbrella works well as a source of shade too, plus again, think of the photo opportunities! 


Heat Proof Dress 
No, I don’t mean some fancy science stuff behind the design. I just mean that when I eventually go dress shopping next March, I will be baring in mind how hot it will be for the wedding and looking at materials which are floatier and less heavy and hot. This will probably all go to hell when I fall in love with a giant meringue made of satin… 

Are you planning a wedding abroad? Or a summer wedding here in the UK? Do you have any other tips on keeping cool in the heat? 

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