Beauty – I Tried Out HD Brows with HI Therapies and This Was the Result

I have been having issues with my eyebrows for a good few months now. I have been trying out different products trying to find something to improve them to no avail, spending money and getting frustrated. Last week I was invited along to my local beauty salon HI Therapies to try out their HD Brows treatment and I was so excited to see if it would finally be the key to improving my unruly brows.

HD Brows at the salon costs £29 and involves a full personalised consultation, tint and shape with the HD Brows makeup application to finish, making it the perfect treat for a big occasion or something to add into your regular self-care routine.

Before the treatment, you need to have a patch test. This needs to be applied 48 hours prior to the treatment and unlike other patch tests I have done previously, this can be applied yourself and is very much like a temporary tattoo and totally fool-proof. It is advisable to wear a waterproof plaster when going for a shower or a bath, and to avoid too high temperatures to prevent accidental removal.

Arriving at the salon, I was greeted by owner Rachel and my therapist, Charlee, and offered a drink whilst being shown to the treatment room and advised on the process as it was my first time having HD Brows. My therapist was really lovely; I had been suffering from panic attacks during the week of my treatment and I had worried before going along that I wouldn’t cope well but I was instantly put at ease and felt reassured by Charlee’s knowledge of the treatment.

I wasn’t really very helpful when it came to deciding on a shade for the tinting or on what shape I would like my brows, instead letting Charlee make the decision for me whilst I just laid back and relaxed. The tinting was really quick, but I was surprised how long Charlee spent really going into depth about the shape and talking me through hair growth for my brows and what she would suggest for future visits.

The shaping itself involved wax, threading and plucking, with the result being perfectly groomed looking brows that I was finally happy with. The colour made them look so much better and really helped frame my face more. After a look in the mirror to check I was happy, it was onto the makeup and this is where I became a little overwhelmed. There is so much choice when it comes to HD Brows! I again didn’t really feel up to making a decision so left it in Charlee’s capable hands and I must admit, the end result definitely put a smile on my face.

There was a little redness, so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend you have the treatment and then go straight out on a night out, but this did go down within a few hours and by that evening it was all back to normal and I was able to fully appreciate my new eyebrows.

I would recommend HD Brows to anybody considering it. The process is just so much more in-depth and personal than a quick wax or threading session and it combines the tinting as well, making it good value for money if you are looking for a flawless finish. I am fortunate enough to have quite thick natural brows, but Charlee talked me through how the HD Brows treatment can help those who have overplucked in the past or perhaps just don’t have as much hair to work with.

The HD Brows makeup is available to buy and I think I will be looking into this as I really did like how it looked (although I have also been able to just get up and go in the morning without applying any additional products – a total win.

It’s now been a week and I’m still loving how my brows look. I am a fan of HD Brows and will have them done again in the future!

I was provided with the HD Brows treatment complimentary for the purpose of this review, however all words are my own. 

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