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Since having Benjamin four years ago and having the mirena coil fitted, my periods have been quite light and manageable, which is a relief. I do, however, continue to bleed, which some women don’t with the coil fitted, and I’ve been looking at alternatives to using tampons and pads during my time of the month.

I recently worked with Modibodi on an Instagram post, and was sent across a couple of their products to try out. The Modibodi sensual bikini pants, which I have been using are brilliant for people like me who have a light to medium flow.

I was really impressed with the style of the pants, which don’t look bulky as I imagined they would and are actually quite flattering, whilst being comfortable. The design is simple but feels feminine to wear and, although padded, the underwear doesn’t feel uncomfortable or cumbersome underneath my clothes.

The particular underwear I have, wouldn’t be suitable for a heavier flow, but there are plenty of options on the Modibodi website, so you can find the styles that suit your body and needs the best. I tend to wear my underwear alone for the first and last days of my period, using additional protection in the middle if I feel I need to.

I wash the underwear by hand in between wearing it, and I have found that the material is still in brilliant condition, despite regular wear. I would recommend purchasing a few pairs, to avoid the need to constantly be washing and drying the pants during your period. This style can also be worn to protect from other leaks, if you suffer from a weak pelvic floor.

The swimming costume I was sent is a game changer, as it means I can feel confident during my period, when we are chilling out at the beach or on holiday. It’s again flattering, in a classic black design, which smoothes my stomach, with the additional protection to help with leaks.

If you are considering trying period pants for the first time, I would recommend giving Modibodi a go. Their website is really informative, and you can find the right style and protection to suit your needs. It’s been liberating to put aside the tampons and embrace a more natural, less environmentally damaging product during my period.

I was gifted the products mentioned, however I was under no obligation to write a blog post and all words and images are my own.

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