The Importance of Interior Design in Hospitality Venues

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Interior Design has always really interested me. I find it so fascinating how simply changing the way a building looks, adding certain touches can make a huge difference in how people view that space, how it makes them feel. Interior Design in hospitality is massively important and something that all too often is overlooked by those looking to make their company a success as quickly as possible.

Companies like Object Space Place work with you as a business to successfully create the space that will work for you and for your customers. Their website goes into detail of how they can help, along with some examples of their previous projects and even Pinterest boards they have put together to inspire and spark creativity. The designing for a successful restaurant podcast with Object Space Place is something worth listening to if you are considering setting up a restaurant, or for anybody with a keen interest in the process of creating a memorable space for business.

As somebody who has visited quite a high number of restaurants, bars and other hospitality venues over the past few years as part of my work for my local blogging network, I find it a huge positive when the venue helps to express the business as a whole, and it really is noticeable when done right, and wrong.

Using an example, I recently went for cocktails at a local restaurant. It is not part of a chain, nor is it run by a big corporation. It is a local business, most likely earning a modest income. However, what makes it stand out from the crowd is the design, the care and attention to detail that has gone into the venue’s decor, right down to the doorknobs on the front door, the artwork in the toilets, the menus. Nothing has been overlooked and it here where the importance of creating a memorable environment for customers is highlighted. Do I remember what was on that menu? No, not all of it, but will I remember to recommend the restaurant to others based on my overall experience and the way that venue stood out to me when I visited? Yes, most definitely.

In contrast, I have been to dinner at another local eatery where it seemed no thought at all had been put into the decor. Again, it was not a chain, it was not held to ransom by a corporation who would have the final say over colours and decor etc. They, presumably, had just as much of a final say over their venue as the other company did, however they put no personality into the design, there was nothing for me to remember. As a blogger, with a particularly keen eye for detail, there was nothing that I rushed to take a closer look at, to photograph and share to my Instagram account.

It may seem trivial to some, but if you think back to meals you have had, to occasions you have dined out with friends or family, you will most likely remember the decor alongside the food, drink and company you had. Although you may not realise it, a restaurant’s atmosphere can have a profound effect on you as a consumer, and it is important for those going into a hospitality business to bear this in mind when looking at the design of their venue.

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