Working Out Why I’m Not Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

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With three young children, it’s hardly surprising that I don’t get a perfect nights sleep most nights. However, it isn’t actually the children keeping me up, but myself. Once the children go to bed, I am generally pretty good at getting up to bed soon after but then I ruin it by turning on Netflix, writing blog posts or swiping through social media channels and, before I know it, it’s midnight and I am still wide awake.

I was recently sent over research from looking into the reasons brits aren’t getting a good night’s sleep. According to the survey results, 73% of respondents are kept awake by stress, 34% because of an uncomfortable bed or mattress and 2.4% claimed that paranormal activity prevents them from sleeping.

I do think that stress has a negative impact on my sleep. I suffer from anxiety, and one of the symptoms of this is constantly worrying about things outside of my control. I think the main reason I like to always be doing something, even when I am in bed, is to avoid being left alone with my thoughts, as they can so often turn to worry. Ironically it is my attempt at avoiding worry that keeps me up late into the night and makes it harder for me to finally switch off and go to sleep when I need to.

The survey also looked at differences in areas of the UK when it comes to sleep problems and London came out worst, which isn’t that surprising when you consider how many people are living in a relatively small area. Noisy neighbours, recurring dreams and pets escaping their owners came out as some of the reasons why Londoners struggle sleeping.

I can’t say we have issues with escaping pets here in Bournemouth, and we are fortunate that our neighbours are no trouble, but I do understand how dreams can affect your sleep. I take antidepressants for my anxiety, and one of the known side effects are vivid dreams. I wear an Apple Watch and it has been interesting seeing how these dreams are stopping me from having a proper night’s sleep. I often wake up at odd times during the early hours of the morning and I get frustrated not being able to remember the dreams that have felt so real whilst I am in them.

It was really interesting reading over the research findings from and I have been inspired to change up my bedtime routine, switch off the electronics at a certain point each night, and chill out more in the hope that I will get more sleep and wake up feeling more energised as the weather worsens now Autumn is here.

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