Couch To 5K – The First Week

I know lots of people have been embarking on Couch to 5k since the beginning of the year. I downloaded the app myself, adamant I would stick to my new year’s resolution to work on my fitness but then I never got round to starting it, always finding an excuse and prioritising something else.

Just over a week ago, I decided something had to change. My eating habits were really bad, I wasn’t really exercising much at all and spent way too much time sat down due to working from home. I decided on a whim to change into workout gear and head out in the rain on a Sunday morning and I found it surprisingly a lot easier than I thought once I got going.

As a child I ran in town sports for the sprint and relay, and as I have grown up I have taken part in a few races including a 5k run when I was a few months pregnant with Benjamin, but I never really run as a form of exercise. I like that Couch to 5k eases you into things with short runs, mixed in with periods of walking. It makes it feel less daunting than breaking into a run right away and helps reduce the chance of getting a stitch or burning out too quickly.

The app allows you to choose which famous voiceover you want as your motivational coach on the runs and I went with Sarah Millican as I love her. There is something so calming and reassuring about her friendly voice as she provides motivation and encouragement throughout, as well as suggesting you snack on something small like a banana when you get back.

I also like that the app prompts you to mark your happiness level before and after the run. I always feel amazing when I finish the run and it shows just how good it is not just for your physical health but your mental wellbeing as well.

I have been listening to Amazon music running playlists during my runs, which you can do alongside using the app, and it has been working really well to keep me going and keeping up a good pace throughout.

I have now completed my first week of runs, and have gone into the second week, which I will be documenting in a future post. I hope these posts might motivate somebody else who is thinking of starting Couch to 5k, and hold me accountable.

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