3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Replacing Your Windows

I’m not sure I have ever written a more grown up blog post title but replacing your windows can have benefits that you might not have considered. The average lifespan of windows is apparently around 15-20 years so if yours have been around for a long time, or you simply fancy an excuse to update them, these are 3 reasons why you should consider replacing your windows.

Better Security 

Obviously the safety of you and your family is paramount. It is probably second nature to lock your doors when you leave the house or go to bed at night but windows are often overlooked. Unsecured windows can be dangerous. If your windows are old or unstable, thieves could find it easier to gain access to your home. Double glazing windows provide better security, minimising the risk of unauthorised entry.

Reduce Energy Costs 

Another benefit of double glazed windows is that with two panes of glass rather than one, there is a barrier against the temperature outside, even when it drops to below freezing as it has in certain parts of the UK recently. In the same way that adding an extra layer of clothing or a blanket can keep the cold at bay, double glazing helps trap cold air within the two panes of glass, not allowing it to enter the home and helping to keep energy costs down in the process.

Makeover Your Home 

If you are in the process of renovating, or simply fancy an update, new windows can really refresh the look of your home. A bay window can bring in lots of natural light, aid air circulation. Plus they look lovely and are durable. Bay windows provide additional space, which can be used for storage or a comfy reading snug. They can also give the illusion of a larger room.

This is a sponsored post, however all words are my own. 

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