Foodie Friday – Quick & Simple Family Meals with a Halogen Oven

I’ve put together something a little different for you this week. Although I enjoy going out and visiting lots of local restaurants, I am also a big fan of eating together at home as a family. Luckily Ed’s job allows him to be home with us early enough for us all to eat together and, as the weather gets colder, I am looking forward to lots of comforting meals to warm us up at the end of each day.

I was recently sent a Von Shef Halogen Oven from Domu, something I had never really used before, and I have been busy meal planning since it arrived. Domu have both the 7 litre and 12 litre model available, and we went for the bigger one as we sometimes cook for the extended family. The halogen oven cooks up to 40% faster than a conventional oven, which is brilliant when you have children who want dinner right away!

The oven comes with lots of accessories including an extender ring, frying pan, steamer, high and low racks, a bread rack, tongs, a lid holder and skewers. It also comes with an instruction booklet and is nice and easy to set up before the first use with simple time and temperature controls for cooking.

What’s great about a Halogen Oven is you can use it to cook in a variety of different ways – to roast, grill, bake, steam and fry. It can even be used to reheat and defrost!

These are some of the quick and simple meals I have planned for our family using our new Halogen Oven…

Roast Chicken Dinner 

I absolutely love a good roast dinner and I couldn’t believe it when I read that you can cook the entire thing in a halogen oven! As the oven is made with a glass bowl, you can keep an eye on how everything is cooking easily. The oven would also be great when cooking the Christmas dinner, if you are cooking for a lot of people and run out of space in the conventional oven. Our favourite roast as a family is chicken, as the children are quite fussy, but you could also cook lamb, pork or beef as well.

Steak and Sweet Potato Chips 

Steak is so simple but totally tasty, and recently the children have gotten into eating it with us as well. Serving it with sweet potato chips rather than potato ones gives the meal a little twist. The oven is able to cook without any additional oils, making it a healthier way to prepare this meal.

Sausage and Mash 

As the nights get shorter, and the weather gets chillier, what better way to warm up than with a good plate of sausage and mash, the perfect comfort food! Again, the halogen oven cooks the sausages without the need of oils, and as the fan circulates the hot air around the entire oven, there is no need to turn the sausages during cooking, which means less time hanging around. We generally prepare the mash separately, although you could cook the potatoes in the oven first before mashing if you wanted.

Roast Beef and Crushed New Potatoes 

I am a big fan of roast beef and the halogen oven makes cooking a nice joint so easy. To go with it, we add a little salt and fresh herbs to new potatoes, which can be cooked in the oven as well. Steamed garden vegetables finish the meal off nicely.

Chilli Cheese Jacket Potatoes 

This is such a quick meal to throw together, and so yummy as well, especially on cold autumn evenings. The minced beef for the chilli can be cooked in the oven in an oven proof dish alongside the potatoes – just add a sprinkle of cheese once ready to serve and you’re done!

Do you own a Halogen Oven? I would love more meal ideas! 

I was sent the Von Shef Halogen Oven from Domu for the purpose of this post, however all words and images are my own. 

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