5 Things I’ve Done Which Have Pushed My Limits 

I’m a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to a lot of things. I hate theme parks in general (apart from Disneyland because Disneyland is incredible and in a whole league of its own) mainly because I am a huge baby when it comes to big ‘scary’ rides. 

I avoid a lot of situations because of my anxiety these days, and it takes a lot to push myself out of my comfort zone but in the past I’ve done things that perhaps I didn’t always enjoy at the time, but I’m so glad I can say I have tried. These are five of these things… 

Posed Topless for a Magazine 

Ok, it’s not how it sounds! I think I’ve mentioned before, but it’s something I am pretty proud of so I’ll mention it again here. More Magazine did a feature for breast cancer awareness which involved several of their readers being pictured topless. I was so nervous when I was picked, and going along for a photo shoot in central London was absolutely terrifying, but it was such an amazing experience and one that will forever stay with me. 

I have pretty much the flattest chest of all those featured, but I love how confident I look (even if I felt far from it at the time), and it’s lovely to be able to look back on my body pre kids and realise I was self conscious for nothing – isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing? 

Attempted (and spectacularly failed at)  Indoor Skydiving 

Ed started a tradition on our first Valentine’s Day together, whereby he will arrange a special surprise activity for us for the day. 

The first year we went horse riding, the second year we went to a shooting range and this year he arranged for us to go indoor skydiving. 

I absolutely hated it. It was the single most terrifying, most traumatising event in my life so far… but despite really not wanting to, I went in that chamber and I attempted it. 

And it was absolutely awful, so totally cringe worthy when I failed so badly in front of quite a few people and the instructor who must have been fighting a laugh the entire time, but I’m so pleased I tried it. 

I have warned Ed that perhaps it might be best to steer clear of anything similar next year… 

Spoken on Stage to a Room Full of People

Before getting a full time job working in events, I set up and ran my own business and during this time I hosted a couple of charity evenings alongside a friend. At one of these events, we were attempting to announce a raffle when the microphone stopped working. 

I ended up getting up on stage and channeling Bridget Jones… It was fairly nerve-wracking but I love the photo that was taken of me, I was so clearly in my element that night and it proved to me I was going into the right industry for me at that time. 

Sung Karaoke 

I love singing. I sing all the time in the car, in the shower, whilst hoovering. If I were good at it, I’m sure I would be fine singing in front of other people, but I’m not good. I’m pretty awful. 

Karaoke has always filled me with dread, but on a drunken night out with Ed the first year we were together, I fought my fears and got up on stage to sing. 

It was actually pretty fun, although I’m not sure the crowd appreciated my poor rendition of the songs I attempted that night. I even ended up doing it again last New Year’s Eve at our family pub… I’d like to think I would get up there again now I know I can do it but I’m not sure it’s a wise idea… 

Given Birth 

When I was pregnant with my eldest child, I was still very young, single and pretty scared at how my life was about to change. Most people seemed to think it would have been better not to go ahead with the pregnancy, but I knew I couldn’t face that option. 

I soldiered on and despite it all, I surprised myself when it came to labour. Yes, it was incredibly painful and a very tough experience (and didn’t get any easier the second or third time), but I would go through it all again in a heartbeat to bring another child into this world. 

Being a mum has been my hardest challenge, but it’s also my biggest achievement. 

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11 thoughts on “5 Things I’ve Done Which Have Pushed My Limits 

  1. charlotteannelane103

    I would be so incredibly nervous if I ever had to stand on stage in front of a load of people and talk – knowing me I would probably end up crying and running off haha #stagefright! So well done for doing that cos I definitely would not have been able to! All of these achievements are amazing and I bet you’re so pleased with yourself 🙂 xo

    Char | http://www.charslittleblog.co.uk


    1. evenangelsfall89

      Ah thank you! I am very proud 😊


  2. ofbeautyand

    I haven’t done any of these – apart from kind of speaking to a crowd during my time at uni x



  3. Emma Drury

    I think everyone should try to push themselves to do their best every day, but it’s amazing when you push yourself to do something really special or out of your comfort zone like these things!
    Emma | emmadrury.com


    1. evenangelsfall89

      Thank you, I totally agree! x


  4. blacktulipbeauty

    Aww this is such a sweet post, you should totally be proud of all of these things as I would be the exact same in these situations! Although I’m a trained singer so I don’t tend to get as nervous on stuff like karaoke, haha! Speaking infront of an audience comfortably is always something I’ve wanted to be able to do though!
    Alice Xx


    1. evenangelsfall89

      Ah I would love to be able to sing well! x


  5. Chloe 👠🗽✈️ (@imjustagirl_16)

    Oh wow, this post is so inspirational and motivating; you’ve done some truly incredible things! I think bringing children into the world is definitely one of the most rewarding things so well done for being an awesome mamma! xx



    1. evenangelsfall89

      Thank you – yes, childbirth was definitely the hardest! x


  6. Joyce

    These are all incredible experiences! X


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