Mummy Mondays – Making Mealtimes a Doddle with Doddl Cutlery 

As Benjamin was baby led weaned, he has always been very hands on at meal times, wanting to feed himself rather than letting us help. Up until recently he was grabbing the food in his fists and using his hands to feed himself.

A little while ago we were sent over a Doddl cutlery set from the lovely people at Media Snug. This set is suitable for children aged from one year, so as soon as Benjamin had his birthday we decided to give it a go.

Having always used his hands before, apart from the times he wrestled a spoon from one of us and ended up flinging the contents across the room, Benjamin was at first a little unsure of the spoon and fork (we have held back on the knife for the time being). After a short while, he’s grasped it and is now happily using the cutlery at mealtimes.

Doddl have made their cutlery set nice and chunky, perfect for little hands to grip onto and keep a hold of. The knife and fork are sharp enough to be effective but not sharp enough to cause any harm to children whilst using them. The cutlery also has soft grip, non-slip areas, to encourage children to hold onto their cutlery correctly, which is fantastic.

The sets come in Blueberry Blue, Raspberry Pink and the Lime Green that we have. The set makes a nice change from the character ones we’ve had in the past, and I like that the bright, bold colours aren’t fading in the wash. The set appears to be well made, and Doddl promise longevity. Dishwasher safe, the cutlery set is already a firm favourite for us at mealtimes.

I love how independent Benjamin is at mealtimes using his own fork and spoon. I’m hopeful that this cutlery will encourage Benjamin to develop his fine motor skills further and I’m interested to see how quickly he picks up using the knife as Carly, at almost five years old, struggles with cutting up her own food.

I’m really pleased with the Doddl cutlery set and I would recommend to others who are wanting their young child to gain independence at mealtimes.

We were sent the Doddl cutlery set for the purpose of this review, however all opinions and photos are my own. 

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16 thoughts on “Mummy Mondays – Making Mealtimes a Doddle with Doddl Cutlery 

  1. Kelly-Anne | Mimi Rose and Me

    I wish we had these for my little lady as they look so good for when they are starting out!


  2. Sealy Middleton

    Where can we buy a set?


    1. evenangelsfall89

      Just click the link on where it says Doddl and then go to ‘shop’ on their website. Or they sell them on Amazon x


  3. ofbeautyand

    I’ll let me friends with babies know about this set! x


  4. claire @ The ladybirds' adventures

    I think we need a set of these. My youngest has always been independent at meal times. This cutlery looks like she will be able to feed herself successfully.


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  6. All about a Mummy

    This looks like a great idea. My 3yr old still resists cutlery despite me combination feeding. But she never really liked me spoon feeding her. I need to give these a try.


  7. Cindy Yue

    These sound SO perfect!! I’m gonna need to recommend it to all my friends who are new mamas.

    Cindy |


  8. Emily

    Their pieces look so cool!! I definitely need to try these with P.


  9. blacktulipbeauty

    Aww what a little cutie! Bet it’s much easier for you that he is starting to feed himself 🙂 what fab little tools!
    Alice Xx


  10. AutismMumma

    They look really good, great for little hands x


  11. Steph

    These looks awesome, perfect for tiny hands! I remember how much my first struggles to aim a long thin spoon into her mouth. Will have to get these for my baby now he’s weaning!


  12. Gemma

    What a good idea, I need some of these for Ru!! x


  13. charlotteannelane103

    Benjamin is soo cute! This is such a great idea for little ones and I love how the cutlery set is really thick, so, as you say, it’s a lot easier for them to keep their grip xo

    Char |


  14. Taylor Jane

    These photos – super cute!! Gorgeous little boy you have, my nephew is at the same stage with this and dinner time can be a bit messy!! xx

    Taylor Jane ox |


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