Food & Fitness Friday – My Favourite Autumn Meals 

I can’t be the only one who was totally excited last week, when autumn officially started? 

Although my depression has always tended to be worse during the colder months (blame those grey, dull skies), there’s such a sense of excitement when the leaves start to fall. There’s so much going on over the next few months for our family, and I’m feeling very positive. 

One of the things I love most about this time of year, is that I get to eat some of my favourite comforting foods. I am a big fan of warming meals at the end of the day and I thought I would round up some of my all time favourite meals for this time of year. 

Sausage and Mash 
There’s something so comforting about sausage and mash. No matter what my age, it somehow feels like I’m back to being a child and being cooked for by my mum. I love it with thick onion gravy on top. Yum! 

Chicken or Steak Pie 

Homemade is best but I’m not too fussy. I don’t eat pie a lot, but once I get a craving for it I have to have it. I used to make chicken and sweetcorn and steak pies quite regularly when I was a bit younger, and I need to get back into it (although my waistline won’t thank me). 

Cottage Pie 

Ok, I’ll admit, I usually call it shepherds pie but apparently that’s not correct, as we use beef mince… I love this meal and make pretty amazing homemade version, if I do say myself. The trick is to include baked beans, and sandwich them between layers of crushed oxo cube – trust me, it’s amazing… 

Hunter’s Chicken 

This has become a bit of a speciality of mine over the past few months. I tend to overdo it on the cheese and barbecue sauce, but my word it tastes incredible! Not healthy (due to the large amounts of aforementioned cheese), but this is the perfect food to eat after a long day, and it’s relatively quick to cook too, win win! 

Jacket Potato with Chilli 

Another fairly simple meal but so tasty! I love to load up my jackets with beans and cheese in the daytime but if I have a jacket potato for my dinner it’s got to have something more substantial and chilli is hands down my favourite filling. 

Stews, Casseroles and Hotpots 

I love a good warming stew, casserole or hotpot at the end of a long, cold day. Cooking them in the slow cooker makes the whole house smell so nice and welcoming. My favourite is probably a chicken casserole, closely followed by a lamb hotpot. Yum! 

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13 thoughts on “Food & Fitness Friday – My Favourite Autumn Meals 

  1. blacktulipbeauty

    Reading this has made me drool a little bit, I’m such a sucker for hearty home cooked food! My mum calls me a granny for it haha but I can’t help it, I’m also a lover of ham, egg and chips and fish and chips!! So so yummy. I’ve gotta say I favour a chicken gravy pie over the classic creamy chicken and mushroom 🙂
    Alice Xx


  2. luxblush

    Ah I love Autumn food, as it’s so nice to start having more comforting meals. I looove Sausage and Mash too, it tastes so good!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush


  3. Taylor Jane

    Oh I love sausage and mash with a ton of gravy! The perfect cold Sundays type of meal to tuck into watching X factor! Lol xx

    Taylor Jane ox |


  4. Emma Drury

    I legit love all of these meals!!! Bangers and mash is an unbeatable dinner for me 😍
    Emma |


  5. C H L O 🌿 (@SimplyyChlo)

    I love all of these, I think my favourites are sausage and mash and also Hunters chicken!


  6. ofbeautyand

    Macaroni cheese, anything with squash or pumpkin and gingerbread are autumn faves for me x


  7. Kate Ballamy

    This post has made me feel very hungry, haha! Can’t beat sausage and mash when the weather is like this 🙂


  8. ellieedx

    Ooo what a great post idea. I love cosy nights and comfort food! Chicken pie is definitely a favourite of mine, especially my mums homemade chicken & ham pie 😍

    Ellie x


  9. Jackie

    The food looks good and it gives me some ideas for what to cook as I’ve been stuck with meals lately. Thanks for sharing.


  10. Gemma

    You can’t beat Sausage & Mash or Chilli! I made one last night and it was lush!


  11. Joyce

    Sausage gravy and mash is definitely my comfort food


  12. charlotteannelane103

    My all time favourite meal is Cottage/Shepherds Pie!! I also love Sausage & Mash with Onion Gravy and Lasagne is another warming meal I always crave xo

    Char |


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