Mummy Mondays – Benjamin at 10 Months 

I have a 10 month old baby! It seems crazy that just over 10 months ago Benjamin was still inside me as I can’t imagine our life without him, but at the same time these last ten months have gone by in a blur. 

Benjamin had his developmental check up a couple of weeks ago and, apart from the health visitor upsetting me by telling me I should no longer be feeding him on demand or in the night, it went really well and she was very impressed with how he’s doing. 

Benjamin is still on the cusp of walking unaided. He’s still pulling himself up on anything and everything and he still loves to pull himself up on the back of my legs, which makes it very hard to do anything! He cruises around furniture and will walk holding onto our fingers but he hasn’t quite got the confidence yet to let go. 

I’m not at all worried, his brother and sister didn’t walk until after they turned one, and it may take him that long. He’s going at his own pace and that’s fine. He’s gotten so fast crawling now, I need eyes in the back of my head! 


As I mentioned, I’m still feeding pretty much on demand. I have no doubt most of the time he’s using me for comfort rather than actually needing food but that’s fine with me. 

After the struggle last month with his teeth coming through and biting me, things have settled down again and I’m happy to be still going, despite the health visitor making me doubt myself. We are very much on track for my year goal and I think we most likely will end up going past this. 

Alongside milk from me, Benjamin is also eating three meals a day now and he still loves his dinner  spaghetti bolognese and pizza, especially garlic bread are still his favourites). 

He wasn’t as keen on breakfast before but now he will happily demolish his toast and then grabs hold of mine as well! I’ve started giving him a couple of baby snacks in the day when we are out and about, alongside his proper meals, and he is very partial to baby biscotti as a treat. 

In the past couple of weeks Benjamin’s started saying a lot more words! He now says Dan (my brother) along with dadda, brother, Carly, hi, no and bye. 

Still not saying mama though!! I’ve resigned myself to the fact that he’s just never going to say it…. *cries in a corner* 


Benjamin is wearing 9-12 month clothes still but has also started fitting into some in the next size up. We were lucky enough to have lots of secondhand clothes given to us when he was born and he’s fitting in these now along with some hand me downs from his big brother as well (saving us a lot of money). I’ve started picking up a few bits for his birthday in the shops though and absolutely love this cute nautical jumper for him! 


Benjamin still only has his front two teeth and doesn’t seem to be teething much at the moment, although it’s hard to tell as he shoves everything in his mouth and chews on it regardless. 

He’s not as unsettled at the moment and has stopped biting me so that’s good! 


Benjamin is such a happy little boy and continues to be incredibly cheeky. 

He has started being quite naughty and makes his brother and sister laugh which spurs him on, making him do it all the more! He’s definitely a handful! 

He loves to high five everyone and he has also started to try and put his thumbs up at us and the kids are trying to get him to master a fist bump. 

I’m so proud of my little boy! 

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