Beauty – How I Clean my Makeup Brushes

Back in the day I only ever applied makeup using my fingers. Having discovered foundation brushes last year, I now can’t imagine going back.

I got a Ted Baker makeup brush set for Christmas last year and I fell in love with the look and feel of the brushes. My foundation and powder brush are the ones I use most often and, after a while, they tend to get sticky, clogged with excess makeup and generally stop working as well.

I’m no expert, but I have found a way to ensure my makeup brushes get clean, quickly and with minimal cost and fuss.
Step 1 – Prepare 

I use a small glass dish to clean my brushes in so I grab that and the Boots own brand baby shampoo wash that I use and head to the bathroom sink.

Step 2 – Lather

Pour a little of the baby shampoo onto each brush and rub it in.

Step 3 – Rinse 

Wash off the excess dirt
Step 4 – Repeat 

Go through steps two and three again until the water runs clear
Step 5 – Condition 

Yes, I treat my brushes like hair and condition them. As long as they are rinsed well afterwards, it doesn’t seem to have a detrimental effect, and they smell so clean and fresh

Step 6 – Dry 

I try and leave my brushes to dry as long as possible to ensure they are ready to use again. If they still feel a little damp I’ll blast them quickly with my hair dryer

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7 thoughts on “Beauty – How I Clean my Makeup Brushes

  1. LovelyLu

    I’m crazily careful about toxins so I’ve researched this one a lot. Have you ever considered washing your brushes with coconut oil? It’s amazing! Who knew? 🙂


  2. ljdove23

    Confession – I’ve never cleaned my make up brushes!! That’s disgusting when you think about it but I had no idea how to do it! Going to get them done tonight!!


  3. Eva

    This is something I tend to neglect. I should clean them more often, and your routine is easy but effective.


  4. Rachel Bradford (@RachelAnne_Bee)

    This is such a handy post, especially as I really need to work on this way more!


  5. Little B & Me

    I use a baby wipe!
    I also use my facial cleanser as a stronger cleaner for my brushes.

    I’ve seen an amazing contraption that cleans brushes by whizzing them round in water, I want one so bad haha x


  6. Hellocuppies

    Ooh do you know I’m absolutely pants at cleaning mine and really need to do it more often than I do, especially as I’m obsessed with skin care! Great tip about the hairdryer too, I need to remember that one x


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