My Monthly Plans – July 

Buckle up because this month is a jam packed one! With only 2 months until our wedding, stress levels are fairly high. I’m trying to leave August fairly relaxed and chilled as July is going to go by in a blur… 

1st – Dorset Bump to Baby Show 

I wasn’t sure whether to attend this show or not as Benjamin isn’t exactly a ‘newborn’ anymore, but I can’t resist a trade show – especially one with a baby theme. I am also hoping to actually sign myself and Benjamin up to some mum and baby groups before my maternity leave ends and I look back and realise I didn’t do much with it! 
5th – Carly’s School Settling in Session #1 

I can’t quite believe my little Carly bear is about to start big school but she is and her very first experience of it will be an afternoon settling in session with her new class teacher. 

6th- Meeting with Vicar  

When we get back from Santorini we are having a uk wedding reception. We recently decided to add a blessing at our local church and will be meeting to discuss plans with the vicar. Exciting! 

7th-8th – To Essex to Visit my Dad 

I haven’t travelled up to Essex in so long! I’m looking forward to spending some time with my dad, although this time it’s only really a flying visit as we need to get back for… 
8th – Family Wedding Reception 

… Ed’s cousin’s wedding reception on Saturday evening. I haven’t been to a wedding in a couple of years and I’m really looking forward to celebrating and meeting some more of Ed’s family. 

12th – Carly Pre-School Graduation & School Settling in Session #2 

Carly’s second settling in session at big school is in the afternoon but in the morning I get to proudly watch her graduate from pre-school. Apparently they put them in a little gown and everything – cute! 
15th – Harry Potter Studio Tour 

I’m so excited to finally be visiting the Harry Potter Studio Tour. My mum and I are taking Cameron and he has absolutely no idea – he’s going to love it. I’ll be watching the films on repeat in the next couple of weeks so that the excitement is at peak levels by our visit. 

16th – Mum’s Garden Party 

Every year my mum hosts her annual garden party. Every year it rains on that day. It’s become a bit of a tradition to have a rain filled afternoon with cakes and drinks. I’m looking forward to it. 
21st-23rd – Visit to County Durham 

Cameron breaks up from school on 23rd and my mum and I are taking him and Benjamin away for the weekend to visit my brother, his wife and my gorgeous baby niece. 
30th-31st – Girls Weekend 

My uni girls are planning a weekend in Bournemouth and I’m so excited to see them again, especially as this will be the last time we are together before we fly out to Santorini a month later for my wedding – eek! 

So yeah, a pretty eventful month and I’m sure it’s going to go by very fast. 

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