Food & Fitness Friday – Getting Back into Exercise Post Baby 

I’ll be the first to admit that despite good intentions, my fitness plummeted to nothing during my pregnancy. I carried on going to Piyo for the first few months and felt really positive and yes, a little smug. 

I planned a home birth and I knew that keeping my fitness up would be key to a positive labour. Unfortunately, my body had other ideas and slowly but surely I ended up making a home on the sofa. 

This has left me not only a dress size (or two) larger than I was pre pregancy but it’s also meant my fitness is at an all time low and I get out of breath doing the simplest tasks. I feel rubbish and I know things have to change. 

In order to ease myself back in, and because it’s freezing outside and I can’t face running just yet, I’ve been exercising from the comfort of my own home, using rather retro exercise DVDs – 10 minute solutions. 

This week’s DVD of choice was focusing on abs and I actually feel great for having got back into exercise. I especially enjoyed the yoga section as it felt relaxing whilst still doing something for my tummy. 

I also went out and bought myself some new workout clothes, which I think is important for motivation, and I picked up the Jillian Michaels ab workout DVD whilst I was there – here’s to working on my abs! 

Do you workout from home? What are your top tips? 

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8 thoughts on “Food & Fitness Friday – Getting Back into Exercise Post Baby 

  1. Lucie from

    I always find having some workout clothes and a special flash for water helps keep me motivated!


  2. Debbie - Hello Deborah

    I love that top! I was the same, all the best plans to exercise during pregnancy but I didn’t have the energy. I haven’t done anything except walking since Eleanor was born but plan on starting running again when it’s warmer.


  3. Something About Baby

    I definitely some motivation to get back into exercise! I haven’t done any since before Alfie was born – it’s been 2 years since attended bootcamp! I do have a Jillian Michaels that I might dig out actually. Good luck with your plans, hope you manage to stick to it longer than I do!


  4. Emily and Indiana

    Ooh I love your top, where’s it from? One day I’ll get back into fitness.. it’s just so hard with so much else to do during the day, I’d rather relax when I get free time haha xx


  5. thesmallestofthings2016

    A new outfit always gets me motivated along with some new trainers! I will be back exercising soon too 🙂 ox


  6. Lindsey

    I’ve been dreadng going out for a run too, but Im child free untl sunday afternoon, so think I’ll go for it tomorrow and sunday morning. but I do love a dvd, I did have the pussycat dolls one when I was pregnant lol!….Don’t ask! But love these 10 miunte ones a they are great for us busy ladies. x



  7. Digital Motherhood

    Good luck! I just can’t get motivated to work out at home, need someone to force me to do it!


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