Foodie Friday – Chocolate Spread Christmas Tree 

When Ed and I saw the Nutella Christmas Tree video on Facebook last week we knew we had to recreate it as it looked totally delicious. We decided to swap Nutella for Cadbury Chocolate Spread as Cameron isn’t a huge fan of Nutella. 

Cameron, Ed and I made this in about 10 minutes on Saturday, so including baking time it only took just over half an hour – not bad at all if you’re craving something chocolatey. 

All you Need:

– 1 Medium egg (for egg wash) 

– 2 packs of ready roll puff pastry 

– 1/2 jar Cadbury chocolate spread 

– Icing sugar (to decorate) 

What to Do: 

– Unroll the first pack of ready roll pastry


– Spread half a jar of chocolate spread into a triangle shape on your pastry 

– Unroll the second pack and layer it on top of the first 

– Cut out a Christmas tree shape from the pastry (we used the leftover pastry to make little mini chocolate twists) 

– Use a knife to cut into the tree on each side leaving a gap in the middle and at the top 

– Twist each strand round 

– Crack the egg in a small bowl and beat it before using a pastry brush to spread the egg over the tree 

– Place in the oven for 20-25 minutes 

– Remove and sprinkle with icing sugar to decorate 

– Best served warm! 

You can find the original recipe (with video) here

Have you made this yummy Christmassy treat? 


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