Mummy Mondays – Christmas Eve Gift Tradition 

One tradition I have started since having Cameron has been the Christmas Eve gift. I don’t think this was something I had as a child, but I loved the idea and now do it every year. 

I know some people use a ‘box’, but I just wrap the gifts up for the children to open on Christmas Eve, generally at around 5pm so that there’s time for them to watch their Christmas film before they head off to sleep. 

So, what do I put in their Christmas Eve gifts? This year they are sharing a book and a DVD and then they both have a pair of pjs each. That’s it. 


I may sound stingey, but I don’t like to spend huge amounts on the children unnecessarily. They will get a lot on Christmas Day, and the day after when they visit their Dad, so there’s no need to spend a lot on this sweet Christmas tradition. 

This year’s book is The Jolly Postman, which is a book I absolutely loved myself as a child and I know the kids will enjoy too. Their film is Arthur Christmas, which they enjoyed watching last year. 
I can’t wait for Christmas Eve when we can all get comfy in our pjs and snuggle down to read the book and watch the DVD before Santa comes. 

Do you give/receive a Christmas Eve gift? 

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  1. Kirsty Dee

    The elves bring my kids one 😉


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