Foodie Friday – Favourite Festive Treat 

After having Benjamin I have tried to be healthier but I always knew I wouldn’t be too strict on myself over Christmas. I’m a huge Christmas fan but an even bigger fan of food over Christmas. One of my absolute favourite festive treats are the Yule Log Cupcakes from Tesco (currently unavailable – please cross everything for me that they make a return this year). 


There’s something extra special about a cupcake and Yule Log combining as one. The gooey chocolate centre is so yummy and the chocolate frosting on top is amazing. They do a mini Yule Log in Boots as part of their meal deal but it just isn’t as good (sorry Boots). 

P.S my second favourite festive food has to be pigs in blankets. I can’t get enough of them and start bulk buying them as soon as they return to the shops and manage to add them to meals that really shouldn’t include them (spaghetti bolognese with a side of bacon covered sausages anyone?) 
What is your favourite festive treat? I’m always on the lookout for something else to eat too much off over Christmas and have to work off in the New Year… 


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