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I have no idea what age I will need to be to be able to consider myself a woman rather than a girl, but I’m not quite there yet at 27… perhaps I’m kidding myself… Anywho, this was the easiest gift guide to put together because it’s basically just a wish list (in fact some of the items I am getting for Christmas).

I may have got a little carried away with the list, but there’s no such thing as too many gift ideas for us females.. And if any of my family or friends wanna buy me one of these things I may love you forever, please and thank you.
YSL Mon Paris – 30ml £46.50 Boots 



I sprayed this perfume on myself the other day and now every time I put my scarf on I want it a little more… This scent is amazing – go get it, or, you know, buy a female relative it for Christmas, whichever…

The Little Book of Hygge – £4.99 Amazon 



I’m sure pretty much every blogger out there has posted about the Hygge way of life by now. This is a brilliant little book and will look good on a coffee table as well – win, win!

Fleur de Force The Glam Guide – £12 Amazon



I’m not big on YouTubers’ beauty books in general but his one is so beautiful and filled with brilliant tips and useful information. So girly too!

GHD Cooper Luxe Gift Set £135 John Lewis 

John Lewis

This is sooooo pretty! My GHDs work fine (after years, they are a wonder product) but I’m so tempted to get these just cos soooo pretty! The bag they come with is amazing, I need it just for that to be honest…

Grey Contrast Cushion £12.99 New Look

New Look

This cushion looks comfy and is totally instagramable (that’s so not a word yet, is it?).

Black Movie Night Chalkboard £5.99

New Look

This is one of those things you look at and are like, why would I ever need this? But what’s Christmas if it isn’t a time for fairly pointless but totally cute gifts?

Oral B Genius 9000 Rose Gold Electric Toothbrush £109.99 Boots


Yes, a toothbrush has made it onto my gift guide… I am not even sorry. Dental hygiene is important, and when a toothbrush looks this gorgeous, I am justified in suggesting you buy it for that special person (who won’t take offence at a gift that mildly suggests they have bad breath).

Today is a Good Day Diary £5 Next 

Ok, so this doesn’t appear to be available on the Next website (I’m really not a huge fan of that website though, not the most user friendly, so maybe it’s hiding somewhere) but I saw this in town when I was Christmas shopping and I kinda hope someone buys me it as its useful and so cute (although I’ve also seen a totally pretty bright pink one in Sainsbury’s too)

Alphabet Makeup Bag £5 Matalan 



I saw these when I went shopping for a Christmas outfit for baby Benjamin and oh my god I would have bought them for every female I know if they had any of their initials in stock – argh, so pretty! And everything is better with your initial on it, no?

Initial Mug £5 Matalan



Read above point…

No7 Perfect Red Gift Set £20 Boots 



I love a good red nail and lip and this gift set is beautiful. I’m getting it from my mum and think I’ll be cracking it out as soon as I open in on Christmas Day cos red = festive, whoop!

No7 Youthful Skincare Collection £20 Boots



Who doesn’t love a good pampering gift set at Christmas? This one is brilliant as it has one of my favourite products (the cleanser) plus a facial oil, which is something I’ve been meaning to try forever

Ted Baker Treasured Tools £20 Boots 


How beautiful are these brushes? I mean, they are just gorgeous, so gorgeous that the idea of actually using them and making them dirty makes me feel a little sad, perhaps they could be just for show in a pretty little storage pot or something? They come with a case too, so nice!

Scarf £16 Miss Selfridge

Miss Selfridge


Ok so I totally wanted to feature my actual scarf, the one which I wear every single day and even some of the colder evenings when I feel a little chilly and need an extra layer… however, it would appear that one has sold out. This one is pretty nice too and if it’s anything like my one it will be super soft and snuggly – perfect to wrap up with during the winter months.

Yankee Candle Christmas Gift Set £11 Debenhams 


Yeah, so this was something I planned to have on my wish list for my mum to buy me until I realised that hey, if I got it on Christmas morning, I would miss out on all the times I could be lighting Christmas scented candles in between now and then… so instead I bought it for myself as a just because treat and I am now sat watching the red one flicker away in the absolutely gorgeous holder whilst writing this gift list… So buy it but maybe for an early gift for someone who loves Yankee Candle, or for yourself because Christmas is a time for lighting candles and smelling festive scents

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