Monday Musings – Moving House 

As if having a baby wasn’t enough of a big change for us, we are also planning a house move within a month or so of him being born. At the moment we are having our roof replaced but after it’s finished and the baby is here, we will be on the lookout for somewhere new to live. 

I have moved house a fair bit so far in my life so am pretty used to it and also used to knowing what I want when looking for the next place to live. These are the things on my must have list for our new family home:
Off-Road Parking/Drive 
This is a must for me as I get nervous about trying to park if I don’t have a dedicated space for me guaranteed. Whilst having work done on our roof I haven’t been able to use our car parking space and it’s driven me crazy. I hate not knowing if I will be able to park when I get home, especially now I’ll have three children to get in and out of the car. 

A Garden
The children get so cooped up at the moment living somewhere with no garden or outside space whatsoever, so it’s really important they are able to go out and have that little bit of fresh air where we move next. 

Two/Three Bedrooms 

Our budget might not stretch to three bedrooms, which isn’t a deal breaker right now with the children the ages they are, but it would be nice for us to have a separate room for Carly and then one for the boys to share rather than having the baby in with us for longer than necessary. 

Good Water Pressure  

This is something I always try and check. I hate not feeling that my hair is properly washed so water pressure is something important to me. Our current place doesn’t have good water pressure and I can really tell the difference when I go to my mum’s and wash my hair there. 

Near to School 

This is very important. We used to live a few minutes away from Cameron’s school, then moved around 20 minutes away in a car, which was not ideal. The school run is currently a traffic filled stressful nightmare and we need to get back nearer the school. I’ve also applied for Carly to go to the same school, which won’t happen unless we move back into the catchment in time. The pressure is on! 

Enough Room for Storage 

This is more Ed’s requirement than mine. I happen to love new builds as they are so much fresher and cleaner and look pretty but Ed doesn’t like them as they tend to be smaller without as much space for the ‘stuff’ that accumulates throughout the years. We will therefore need to make sure there’s enough room in any place we look at so that all the stuff can be stored away. 

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