Foodie Friday – My Favourite Comfort Meals 

So with colder weather approaching (hopefully anyway, being pregnant in heat is so not fun), I’m turning my mind to cosy nights in and what better way to feel toasty and warm than some yummy comfort foods. Here are my favourites:

Sausage and Mash with Onion Gravy 
This one is a bit cliche but I do love a good plate piled high with fluffy mash and some sausages, covered in onion gravy. It just feels warm and reassuring. 

Traditional Roast 
Ed makes such a yummy roast, I must get him to make us one soon. 

Steak Pie

I have only really started liking pie since this pregnancy, as before I wasn’t that bothered. It’s got to be either Steak (Steak and Ale obviously being preferable) or Chicken, and I do prefer a shortcrust over a puff pastry. 

Spaghetti Bolognese 

The best bit about this meal is the kids like it too. Carly won’t eat most of her meals at the moment but she had seconds and then thirds when we had spaghetti bolognese the other night. A hit with all the family and fairly quick and easy to put together too – win! 


Ed again makes a yummy lasagne and I need him to make another soon now the colder weather is coming. I’m fairly greedy when it comes to food but this tends to fill me up pretty quickly. 


Not the most interesting of meals but a good steaming bowl of soup can be just what the doctor ordered if you’re feeling a bit run down or even if you have a case of the winter blues. Make sure you pair it with a bit crusty roll or slice of crusty bread to make it that little bit more yummy 

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