Booking Our Wedding Accommodation 

A couple of weeks ago I got an email that got me all excited. No, it wasn’t telling me I’d won a lifetime supply of chocolate (although that would have been bloody amazing too). It was from Pefect Weddings Abroad, letting me know that 2017 flights had been released and so we could book the accommodation for our wedding! 

So last week I found myself parting with £400 of our wedding savings (with a sad face) and paying our initial deposit. What was a little surreal but even more exciting was that, as I recently found out I’m expecting my third baby, we’ve had to book a flight for little ‘infant’ Longden who we won’t meet for another 6 months! 

My mum and nan have also booked and I’m hoping other friends and family will be able to in the coming months. The hotel we are staying at looks gorgeous and we ended up booking a suite as there’ll be five of us in total in the room (five! How the hell did that happen?!).  
With the countdown officially on, everything is seeming a little bit more real and I cannot wait! 

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