April Plans 

I can’t quite believe it’s already April, this year is flying by! Amid all the April fools jokes, I figured it was time for my April plans…   
3rd April – Bournemouth Bay Run 

I’m running the 5k with my sister in this event on Sunday which raises money for the British Heart Foundation. 
6th-8th April – Family Trip 
A short trip to Devon with my family to finish off the school Easter holidays
11th April – New Job 

I start my new job. I’m excited for a new challenge, and the location being right by the sea is pretty cool too. 

16th April – Date Night 

I have a voucher for a local restaurant that I need to get around to using and I figured it would be a good idea to celebrate the first week in my new job with a date night. 

Weekend of 30th April – Birthday Celebrations 

My birthday is 2nd May so generally I celebrate it on the bank holiday weekend. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing yet, as Ed is away over the weekend again(!) for his martial arts course. I will probably do something with my mum and sister and then do something with Ed the following weekend. 


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