Even Angels Fall 2016 

A lot has changed since I first started blogging back in 2010, not just my blog title (back then I wrote under the title Fallenangel to Yummymummy). Back then blogging was still relatively new and fresh. 

Nowadays it seems the everyone is a budding writer with something to say. There’s a hierarchy of bloggers as well and this can be intimidating to someone having only recently dipped their toe back in the blogging pool. 

I decided that I wouldn’t hang around waiting for more time to blog, to improve my blog and to reach a wider audience, instead I would make time. I have some milestones I want to achieve for myself this year and to kick start a brilliant year of writing, I have decided to do several things this month to help improve my blog… 

1) Register my domain name 

This has been something I have ummed and ahhed over for quite some time, since I set up the new blog in fact. I decided to bite the bullet two days ago and I’m so pleased I did. It just looks so much sleeker to have a short, to the point website and it will help to have this when I (hopefully) take my blog to the next level 

2) Use my DSLR for photos 

I am awful at using my camera. I bought it two years ago in the January sales and it has only been out a handful of times. I just never seem to remember it, or just rely on my trusty iPhone 6, which to be fair, does take semi-decent photos, especially when you add a trusty Instagram filter. Nothing beats a good, crisp shot though to ensure a better finish and ultimately, a more attractive blog. My aim is to start using my camera again for at least the majority of the shots I take

3) Get involved on Twitter more 

I feel like such an old person when I attempt to use Twitter. I just never really ‘got’ it when it came out, and I am firmly in the Facebook camp… However, I know that Twitter is the place to be in terms of keeping up with the blogosphere and I really do want to get more involved, to find more blogs to read and to (hopefully) make more blogger friends so I am tentatively getting more active on the site, come and say hello here and please be kind! 

4) Get back into Vlogging 

Way back when, I tried my hand at Vlogging and, despite my reservations, I actually loved it and found a lot of people enjoyed hearing and seeing me as well as reading what I had to say on the blog. I also did a little Vlogging for Singles Warehouse under the alias Yummy Mummy, and this was something really cool and different for me. I am aiming to start videos again, and have set up a YouTube channel in advance to get myself going. Watch this space if you want to see the girl behind the blog! 

5) Blogging more 

Possibly most important. I love writing, it can improve my mood more than most other things. I often feel I don’t have the time for my writing, and I am looking into ways to combat this. Ultimately I want to be able to dedicate more time to writing, as this is what I want to do, so hopefully 2016 will bring the opportunity to do this. 

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