Firework Mayhem

So last night, Ed, my sister Megan, Cameron, Carly and I headed off to Ed’s friend’s mum’s house for a firework display in their garden. 

It was a nice evening, the kids had loads of fun with sparklers and playing in the large garden, there was plenty of yummy food and lots of cool fireworks being set off throughout the night. 

At around 9pm when we were starting to think about leaving, someone said the final display was being set up. I remember having just been introduced to someone and commenting on how good the fireworks had been so far when the finale started. 

Within seconds, the scene turned to something out of a disaster film when a box of fireworks fell over and they shot towards the crowd of spectators including us and the children. Survival instinct kicked in and Ed and I managed to get the children back before I ran with them into a back bedroom to hide along with several other people. The noise, smell and sounds will stick with me. It was chaos. Fireworks were shooting everywhere, glasses and plates were smashing, children and adults alike were in utter shock. 

After things died down it came to light that the woman I had been speaking to just before it happened, who had been stood just behind me, had been hit by a firework. She had burns on her shoulder and chest. Ed had also been hit, but his jacket had taken most of the impact and he wasn’t hurt, apart from a red welt on his back. A child’s welly had melted and a lot of us were in shock, but it could have been so much worse. I am so grateful it wasn’t and that the kids were unharmed. 


Ed’s jacket took the hit and saved him from a bad burn
I am still a little shaken by the whole thing. I keep thinking what would have happened if it had been just a few minutes before when the kids had been playing a little further forward. It brought to light just how dangerous home displays can be, and how cautious you need to be when handling fireworks. I won’t be taking the children to another home display again, it’s just not worth it. 

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