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With a busy schedule I don’t get a chance to read half as much as I would like to. When I do grab a half hour here or there I end up reading a magazine rather than something more substantial. Lately I’ve been making a conscious effort to read more actual books. I have always loved reading, almost as much as writing. My absolute favourite author has to be Stephen King. I’ve read most of his books, some I read back when I was a teenager. I recently finished one of his more recent titles, Revival, which I loved, and I’m now onto Mr Mercedes. 

I love how quickly I can get through a Stephen King book. His stories have a way of gripping you so much you just can’t stop turning the pages. I took the book along to the hairdressers yesterday and read through a few chapters rather than my usual flick through OK and Closer. 

The book is fairly dark, as you would expect from Stephen King, but it’s a little different from the gory evil I have grown accustomed to from his books. This is a thriller as opposed to a horror, and I love that! 

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